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How Many States Have You Cached In?

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13 US States/DC




3 Canadian Provinces




27 countries (or 30 if you count England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland separately)






(not counting Locationless or Virtuals nominally located where we haven't actually physically found a cache, nor attempts butDNFed)


With date of our first find there and a note of how many FTFs we have found in each jurisdiction


2004-01-18 Canada - Ontario (24 FTFs)

2004-04-18 UK - England (1 FTF)

2004-05-08 New Zealand (1 FTF)

2004-08-10 US - Florida

2004-08-18 US - DC

2004-08-18 US - Virginia

2004-08-19 US - New York

2004-08-30 US - Connecticut

2004-11-01 Canada - BC

2004-11-02 US - Washington

2004-11-13 Belgium

2005-01-10 US - North Carolina

2005-04-24 US - Massachusetts

2005-05-14 US - Nevada

2005-05-16 US - Arizona

2005-05-20 Spain (2 FTFs)

2005-05-25 Portugal (2 FTFs)

2005-08-05 UK - Wales

2005-09-11 Andorra

2005-09-14 France (1 FTF)

2005-09-14 Luxembourg

2005-09-14 Germany

2005-09-14 Netherlands

2005-09-19 US - California

2005-09-21 US - New Jersey

2005-09-27 Canada - Québec

2005-11-05 Japan (1 FTF)

2006-03-21 US - Maryland

2006-05-19 Switzerland

2006-05-20 Austria

2006-05-20 Liechtenstein

2006-05-20 Hungary - note also that one cache found (and physically located) in Hungary is at the Hungary/Romania/Serbia tripoint so these two additional countries were also visited on 2006-05-22 in the course of finding this cache.

2006-05-20 Czech Republic

2006-05-21 Poland

2006-05-21 Slovakia

2006-05-23 Croatia

2006-05-23 Slovenia

2006-06-23 Ireland (1 FTF)

2006-06-23 UK - Northern Ireland

2006-09-14 Denmark

2006-09-14 Sweden (1 FTF)

2006-09-14 Norway

2006-09-15 Finland

2006-09-26 UK - Scotland

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I hadn't seen the UK map before! That is a nice one! My husband and brother dream of a UK trip! We just have to stop taking other vacations for a while! :lol:

If this summer goes as planned, I get to visit Rhode Island sometime in July for work... I mean caching... I mean work. :)


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13 since May 26 of this year. I cached coast to coast in 2 trips.





Add S.C., N.C., VA. WV, OH, KY, IN, Il, MO, AR, TN for a total of 24 states.



Plus Mexico and The Caymen Islands.



I see lots more posts that need to be updated.

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