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Best Of? Vegas -> Santa Fe -> Arches -> Zion


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We're driving two weeks in the end of July, starting and ending in Vegas, with stops at Grand Canyon (maybe both sides if we're not thoroughly sick of canyons by the end), east to Santa Fe, North to Great Sand Dunes, West to Mesa Verde, up to Moab and Arches, and then down through Capitol Reefs, Escalante, Zion, and Cedar City.


I'm looking for the best, most interesting caches along the way.

It's a family trip, so nothing too strenuous, and the main goal of the trip isn't caching. I'll try to collect some Chicago travel bugs before I head out there too.


I'd love to hear some recommendations of places to go: from quickie roadside ones to places where I'll likely be hiking anyway. I'm not going to the bottom of the Grand Canyon or I'd certainly hit that one -- it's a goal I'm just not going to make this trip.


So, what's a not-miss? I'll be bookmarking for the next few months to build my master query.

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Have done this trip prior to geocaching. You will love the drive. While in Moab, beware of tourist trap eating establishments. And north of Moab, stop by Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point. Both are major wow views. Would love to know how to book mark responses to your inquiry. We do the drive from LA to St. George quite a bit and have only been geocaching for a few months.


Good luck. You'll love the drive!

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I go to Vegas a couple times a year for business and always try to fit in a few caches. For some reason, I really enjoyed this cache: GCHKKZ It was unique enough that I kind of want to do one like this in my area.


Also, there is a web cam cache in the hard Rock Hotel gift shop.


I hope you have a fun trip!

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