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Sending A Garmin Gps In For Repair


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:D I sent my Garmin 60cs in for repair (after countless lookups or not booting up) to authorized repair shop in Quebec as I was told by a Garmin rep. in the States. It was sent to them January 29 and I was told by it would be a week or two. Well it is 6th of March and I am now told it is on backorder from the states now. I was wondering if anybody else is waiting for a GPSr to return. Thanks
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Well here is my story.

Garmin has a 2 week turn around for service but that does not include Canada Eh!

The 2 canadian repair depots are in Quebec. If you have a newer GPS'r the Quebec people do not work on them they send them to Garmin. With that said the Canadian (Quebec) repair people say that there is now a 3-4 week turn around from them to Garmin and back to them. This however is correct only if your GPS'r and or parts are not on back order. I have sent my Garmin Rino 120 in twice for repair and it has taken no less then 6 weeks for a turn around back to me. Just be glad it is warrantee work since the basic bench rate for Garmin is $125. plus tax to open it up. I beleave without looking for my bill that it cost me, oh here it is $143.92 taxes included for my bench charge after warrantee.

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PumpkinOneA had a similar situation last year.

After being told by RadioWorld we needed to send the 60CS to Quebec, we didn't like the terms (the repair would have cost an arm and a leg).

So we called Garmin direct, in the States. They quoted a price that was a fraction of the Quebec price, even with exchange. We sent it off, and received it a couple of weeks later, like new.

Too bad you've already sent yours to Quebec.

- hamgran

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After purchasing my GPSmap60cs, I sent my Legend (almost a year old) in for warranty repair. I called the Quebec repair depot first, and really didn't like the treatment or the answers to my questions, so I called Garmin US in Olathe KS. They suggested the Quebec depot as well, but I told them that I was not happy with them. They then issued me an RMA, I sent the unit in (even without the original receipt, as it was a gift) and I had a newly refurbished unit back in my hands about 8 days later. The refurbished unit had a new screen and rubber surround and was as good as a brand new unit. I did have to pay duty (about $14 or so) but it was well worth it. I would definately deal with Garmin US over any Quebec company in the future. I really have to wonder why Garmin chose 2 authorized repair centres in Quebec, rather than having 1 of them in either Ontario or BC.



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Oh the woes of repair! My first Garmin 60CS refused to turn back on so I sent it (through Radio World where I bought it) to the Quebec facility. I was told the turn around was 4-6 weeks.


After about 8 weeks I called Quebec and raised hell. They had sent it off to the US after about 6 weeks and hadn't followed up or anything. They didn't want to send just one so they were waiting for a bunch to send for repair. AARRRGGG :rolleyes:


I phoned Garmin US and raised more hell. I talked with quite a few people there and in the end they said talk to Canada since it was orginally sent there. <sigh>


I phoned Quebec again.... Long story short, it turned out the unit was lost in transit by the courier and so they aurthorized RadioWorld to replace the unit.


If it's a new unit and you have the original packaging you may be able to return to the store you purchased it and have them exchange the unit.


Here is another discussion about the experiences that other Canadians have experienced.


E-trex Rubber Seal


Good luck and keep on top of those guys in Quebec. If you are not happy, complain to Garmin in the US. They need to know that we are not being serviced properly up here. (there have been many complaints about the Quebec faciltiy). I wrote Garmin a letter at the end of the whole experience letting them know. Maybe we can get the repair facility moved to Ontario - like RadioWorld! Those guys are fabulous, believe me.

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Dear Fellow Cachers,

I sent my Garmin Rino into Raytech in Laval , yes with some reservations, March 4th. Then I saw all your postings here and just about *&&%$$. I live in Windsor and could have easily sent it to the US with help from friends across the border.

Today I got my rino back, an exchanged unit but only 6 days later.

My orginal problem was no volume and it was only 2 weeks old. They confirmed the problem and exchanged the unit. A happy ending here. Good luck to others. :)

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I sent my Legend back the first time to one of the Quebec companies. Sent it at the end of June and got it back in September.


Completely unacceptable in my eyes when you see Garmin US has a very good turn around.


I had to send the Legend back again and I contacted Garmin directly and told them I don't want to go to Quebec again. They finally relented.


Sent it in mid September last year and it took two weeks for the package to arrive at Garmin. However, once they got their hands on it, I had a delivery TWO DAYS (Not a typo....TWO DAYS) later.


Cost me $ 11 in duty, but who cares!



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I sent my Garmin Rino into Raytech in Laval , yes with some reservations, March 4th. Then I saw all your postings here and just about *&&%$$. I live in Windsor and could have easily sent it to the US with help from friends across the border.

Today I got my rino back, an exchanged unit but only 6 days later.


I am glad to see that it worked out well for you, since the rest of us were not so lucky. I do not know where the rest of the posters sent thier unit but mine was sent to Navicache.

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I too had some what of an issue sending my rino 120.... but only to one of the Canadian depots. If anyone is going to send a unit under warranty in Canada.... send it to raytech.... not the othe depot. All i had to do was make one call to the other depot, and realized that there had to be a better place. lol

Had a fast turn-around (10 working days) and sent a 100% new unit... not refurbished. I would also agree wit a few of the other posters.... shop around when looking for non-warranty work



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Well, my experiences were with Raytec and I can't say that they were pleasant. I don't know that there is an answer to this problem other than pressuring Garmin to change service depots.


I suggest RadioWorld in Toronto. Very professional people there, and I highly recommend them. They have been campaigning to have themselves deemed a registered Garmin service depot but have so far been unsuccessful.

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i sent an email to Garmin asking them to add two more service depots in Canada as Raytech isn't doing me any good. dadgum I hope they do.


Raytech has had my 301 for three weeks now, just called and was told it will be another 1.5 weeks.


Next time it is going to Garmin USA!


email support@garmin.com and ask for more authorized repair depots for canada. It is worth a shot.


EDIT: spelling


Edit#2: Funny, after sending that email to Garmin Raytech called about 2 hours later saying I'll get my 301 back early next week (they called on a friday). Coincidence? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;) Either way I am happy. We'll see if I actually get it. :D

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Just read this thread and am weary. The backlight died in my GPS 12CX on the way back Saturday night, so now I have a split rubber base (minor, does not affect anything), cracked case along the seam (dropped one to many times, works ok but not really water proof now) and no light (no more easy night caching), but the GPS still works good. Looking at the Garmin US site, looks like they have a flat refurbish rate, from reading this thread, seems like the Canadian depo does not. Laval is not far from where I work, but I do not want to pay a fortune. The refurb rate is $89US which is in line with what this unit goes for used (eBay prices are somewhat higher, if you can find this model).


I can drop it off and pick it up, but if the bench rate is to high then sending it state side might be the answer, which one is in Laval and does anyone have their address and phone number?

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which one is in Laval and does anyone have their address and phone number?


Hi Shawn and/or Holly,


Here is the contact info:

Raytech Electronique Inc.

1451, Boul. Des Laurentides

Vimont, Laval, Quebec

H7M 2Y3

Tel: (450) 975-1015



Good luck!! Maybe it's time for a 60C? :o



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I hate to add to these tales of woe, but I'm having a similar experience with Raytech. My 60CS died suddenly back in April and I phoned Garmin to find out about warranty repair. Having heard some questionable things about the Canadian repair depots I asked about sending it directly to them. The support person managed to convince me it would be a better idea to send it to Raytech. Well, that's a decision I regret wholheartedly. I sent the unit back in April, and after not having heard a single thing via any mode of communication I finally phoned and asked "what gives?" They explained that they couldn't fix it and had to send it to Garmin.




If they don't know how to fix the durned things, how come they're an authorized repair center!?!?!


And why the complete lack of communication!?!?


Anyway, I asked how much longer, and they replied at least another 4-6 WEEKS. I then asked if Garmin would send it directly back to me, but of course they said no, it would be sent there first, then of course another 2-3 weeks for them to send it back to me.




Absolutely unbelievable.


This is a completely unacceptable business practice is this day and age.


Anyway, weeks later and I still haven't heard a thing and still don't know when (if?) I'll ever get my GPSr back! It was either go without geoaching all summer or buy another unit while I waited, so I broke down and bought another unit.


A warning to all. Don't send anything to Raytech.

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Just sent my GPSMap 60C off to Raytech. I had a power failure where after trying to get the power to turn on it finally came on but would not shut off. I reloaded the units software and managed to turn it off only to have it not turn on again.


The good news is the warranty expires on July 6.



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:anitongue: First day of holidays.. my 60C will not pick up more than one bird????


Any suggestions.. will reloading software help?


I'm not stuck as I have my old reliable legend! Thank goodness.


From reading this .. no way it will be sent to Quebec. Is the 60C a problem unit?



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Hi Murf. I found a recent post that explains how. Hold down ENTER and PAGE while powering-up the unit.

I also ran across the webpage that someone put together covering FAQ of 60C/CS that lists the various issues of the units. Quite informative.

Also I ran across this instruction that you should be aware of:


After a reset

If you have to perform a full reset using one of the sequences shown above you will need to allow the unit to collect a full almanac before normal can be resumed. First a fix will need to be obtained which can take from 5 to 10 minutes of leaving your unit outdoors, stationary, with a good sky view. After the first lock you will need another 12.5 to 15 minutes to get the almanac reloaded. Check the date to insure that the information was reloaded properly. Time will be shown as UTC time since your local time offset was lost in the reset.


Re-establish all of your preferences such as time zone, daylight savings flag, etc. Reload all your waypoints and saved routes from your backup. I do hope you have a backup. WAAS capable receivers will have to re-establish the WAAS almanac as well.


Have fun, Olar

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Just a heads up. My Garmin GPSMap 60C was returned to me today from Raytech. They had to send it to Garmin in the States. The unit was swapped out because of the problem but all my waypoints were transfered over to the new unit.


Not bad service, it was only gone 1 month.



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Here's my experience with servicing my Garmin unit from Canada.


I have a Vista C and I use it on my road bike. It started shutting off at every crack on the pavement. So I sent an email to Garmin and they directed me to Raytech.


April 18th: Call Raytech. The technician tells me that my unit is under warranty but my unit is too recent so they have neither exchange units nor parts to repair it; they will need to send it to Garmin. Should take 2-3 weeks.


May 17th (week 0): I bring the unit to Raytech; in front of me, at the counter, they confirm the problem and tell me that they will call me in 2-3 weeks when the unit is back from Garmin. :o


June 18th (weeks 4): Call Raytech; they shipped it on May 31st (week 2) but there was a problem with UPS and that there will be a delay of 1 more week. :blink:


July 7th, (week 7): Raytech tells me that the unit is still at Garmin and suggest that I call customer support to complain. The Garmin guy tells me that the package was lost for 2-3 weeks at customs; my unit will be shipped the next day. :D


July 14th (week 8): I finally receive my unit from Raytech. :o


Wait! Wait! There's more!


July 20th: the repaired unit is tried out on the bicycle. The problem occurs again; it has not been solved. I don't blame it on Garmin, they made some changes but they could not try it on a bike for 2-3 hours like I did...


Aug 1st: I call Raytech again. They say that they will have to ship it again to Garmin. They need to wait until they have enough units before sending it at Garmin so they cannot guaranty to ship right away. I call Garmin to complain; I insisted but the guy tells me that I will have t go through Raytech again, period. :D


Aug 19th: After having tried differents things to solve the "power off" problem myself (or at least, understand it better), I call Garmin's customer support; I explained my issue and the guy tells me that if I go directly to Garmin, I will have to pay taxes and custom fees. I tell him that I don't care and I finally obtained an RMA #. :D


Aug 22nd: I ship the unit by Fedex.


Aug 24th (work day 2): The package is received at Garmin


Aug 29th (work day 5): They confirm the problem


Aug 31th (work day 7): They ship a new unit.


Sept 2nd (work day 9): I received the package at home; free of charge (no GST, no duty) :D




First, I want to say that the guys at Raytech always seemed to care about me; at all times I felt like they wanted to help me out. While I was waiting for my unit, they even proposed to rent another model to me for a fair fee (they mention that if I had bought my Vista at Raytech, they would have done it for free).


However, the fact that they don't ship the unit right away to Garmin is unacceptable. I my case, my unit stay 2 weeks in Laval before being shipped to Garmin. Also, I don't know who I should blame for the 2-3 week delay at customs; I hope that it was just an isolated screw up; a bad luck.


In comparison, when I shipped the unit directly to Garmin, I got it back within 2 weeks...


Therefore, my advice for my fellow Canadians, is first to call Raytech and ask them if they have everything to repair your unit. If so, the turn around should be rather quick. However, if they need to ship it to Garmin, then, call Garmin yourself and insist until you obtain an RMA #.

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