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Looking For Obscure Geocaching Facts


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I'm going to be putting out a new cache where the finders will have to know the answer to geocaching trivia questions.


I'm looking for obscure facts about geocaching, Groundspeak and its history that would take some serious research to find out. I need 6 good questions with 10 possible multiple choice answers each.


Any help would be appreciated.

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1. when was geocaching first started.

2. how many contries is geocaching an active sport in

3. how many caches are there in the world.

4.how many caches are there in your country.


well this is all i could think of.


Edit: oh you said with ten multiple choice answers. well who knows :blink: .

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I was thinking of something like:


What are the coordinates for the original stash?


Who is the world's most prolific cacher?


As of 1/1/05, how many people does Groundspeak employ?


All of these questions are easy to answer. I need difficult ones.

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who was the first cacher to find 100 FTF's.... I have no idea who that is, so i guess it would take research!




First cacher to place 100 caches, or do 100 caches? I have no idea who any of these are... but i think you might overestimating the geocaching population. Not everyone visits the forums and therefore wouldn't know lots of the answers to some of these.

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Great Idea!


Maybe by having your questions, the Cacher's have to use the web site to find the answers, or information.


Then maybe this way, they would stop by the forums, and could learn something new.


From what I learned, there are many Cacher's out there that don't bother with any information the Geocaching web site has to offer, except the cache pages, and their profiles.



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Hard Questions'

What frequency does the GPS sattilites broadcast?


The clocks on the sattilites need to be very acurate. What element is used to set the beat? hint you can drive 55


Who is the keeper of the "Can 'O Beans" from original cache?

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Im sure that Jeremy or Hydee would tell if asked.

Then maybe you should include Jeremy or Hydee's email addresses?

cuase the contact address didn't work for me

From: "Geocaching.com" <contact AT Groundspeak DOT com>


Subject: Re: [#178973] how many employees?

Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 12:43:55 -0800


Hello welch


Sorry, that information is private.


Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


Happy Geocaching!



Groundspeak - The Language of Location


Original Message Follows:



Subject: how many employees?

Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 09:06:30 -0500


I was wondering, As of 1/1/05, how many people does Groundspeak employ?



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Here's how the cache will work. It will be a 5 stage multi. The first 4 stages will be micros containing the questions with 10 possible answers numbered 0-9. There will also be coordinates to the next stage.


The final is a standard ammo can with a 4 digit combination lock. The combination will correspond to the correct answers of the 4 questions given. If even 1 question is answered wrong, the lock won't open and there is no way to tell which one is incorrect.


In an attempt to keep cheating to a minimum, I will periodically change the questions and the combination of the lock.

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