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Cuplakiwis Wedding Tb

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For those of you who were at the North-East get together (and anyone who's interested!), here are some photos of us with our CuplaKiwis Wedding TB that G-Force so kindly (and unexpectedly) put together before we went home to get married.


We had a perfect day (managed to get sunburnt) and wonderful honeymoon. Back to work again in the NE now, but we can't be on holiday forever now can we?!





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Congrats to you both, nice to see you at the N E Gathering, hadn't realised you'd changed your name from NVPIV to CuplaKiwis.


Best wishes

Kev and Family

Thanks All, appreciate the thoughts :(


I changed our name from NVPIV a while back, as we were more often caching as a couple than me alone, so thought it was more appropriate.


Besides, NVPIV was just so hard to pronounce! :o

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Well done folks! I love weddings!!! Hope everything goes well for you two, love the wedding pics! Can you pleeease send Cupid my way as I am looking for love...Anyone interested in geocaching, camping, festivals and rock music can apply :) Oh, must be male, lol! Queeny :-)

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