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Welcome to the Club. I am fairly new too and should have said hello sooner to the forums. I have been 'lurking' in the background for a couple of months so its about time i said a big hello to everyone out there for keeping me interested and amused.


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Well that was fantastic!


We set off wondering if the weather would hold as it had been quite showery in the morning.


However when we got to Bushey Park the sun was out and it was actually feeling like spring. We had a lovely walk through the Woodland Gardens past some picturesque ponds with ducks and two very regal looking swans.


A mile or so later we found the stumps posted on the site as a clue. After looking where we thought the cache would be and being disappointed we searched the area. I decided to check the original site and lo and behold there it was hidden a bit more than first expected.


It was such a great feeling to find our first cache. We filled out the notebook, swapped some treasure and put the cache back.


On the way back through Bushey Park we were treated to the sight of some beautiful stags just a 100 metres or so away.


Great day.

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Time I said hello too, I guess! I started caching exactly a month ago, and I'm loving every minute of it! I was a great fan of orienteering many years ago, but I'm not fit enough to run round the countryside anymore, so caching is the next best thing!


I look forward to getting to know you all!

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Welcome all, you'll be completely obsessed(or is that possesed) before you know it.

One of my first caches was a 'failed to find' but on another close search with better clues found exactly where I'd looked in the first place (almost gave up a second time too), had to get my arm in a tree hole up to the elbow and grovel around under 3" of crud to find it! after a while you find these more fun than easy finds (honest).

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