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Skully & Mulder Hit 900!

Straatmaker 5

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Big deal. I'm with Brian.


Most of these caches I spotted from my car before I even finished parking and didn't even bother to fetch and sign the log book. How cute that you actually log online.....bah! ;) (sorry, was channeling someone from the dark side!)


Seriously - congrats to a great cacher, great hider, and nice guy! (not to mention one of the best caching teams around!). Looking forward to the next time our paths cross!

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Thanks to everyone for your congrats - this is still a lot of fun for us.


Congrats Ashley, Nikki, Taylor and Autumn... two snakes and the hermit crab...

Did I miss anyone?  ;)


Hope to see you guys soon.


Very sad news: Colby, the hermit crab passed away on Friday but we are managing to move on with our lives.


You did forget: Spike the Bearded Dragon, Moe the cat & Chayanne the Jack Russell Terrier.

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