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Wilderness Area Cache

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Can a physical cache be hidden in a wilderness area. The geocache guidelines state not in a site administered by the National Park Service, but, a wilderness area within a National Forest is run by the Forest service. Is it therefore OK, or does it violate the geocache rules? Does the "leave no trace" issue get in the way?

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Geocaches in Wilderness areas are not allowed anymore and if you were to ask any Forest Ranger in any Wilderness area their reply would be a big no.

That is incorrect. Only certain specific Wilderness Areas have explicitly banned geocaching. When in doubt, contact your local ranger.

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That is incorrect. Only certain specific Wilderness Areas have explicitly banned geocaching. When in doubt, contact your local ranger.
Wilderness areas are all governed by the same rules and regulations and after extensive talks with the Forest Service in my area, I came to the conclusion that it depends on how each Wilderness area management agency interprets the guidelines and whom you talk to on which particular day. It appears to me that most Wilderness areas probably look the other way when it comes to geocaches until a problem arises which make the agency make a official stand on their position about geocaching. Most likely they will say no because in their eyes geocaches in Wilderness areas are nothing more than abandon property or trash. It is usually easier to say no than yes. This was my experience with the Forest Service when they were forced to make an official stand when a over zealous geocacher began removing geocaches in one of our local Wilderness areas (the ranger even got interested in geocaching).
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As far as I know it is ok. If you can find a ranger you should ask. Just make sure that you are ready to tell the ranger the positive aspects of geocaching if he or she is not familiar with geocaching. Also, try to place your cache in an area that will not impact the environment.

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Mount10Bike and TahoeJoe are correct. It is locally determined.


TahoeJoe's explanation is also valid. In heavily visited Wilderness Areas like the Desolation (the most heavily used wilderness area in the nation) the local Forest will most likely say no. In lesser used Wilderness Areas the Forest Service is more lenient and will allow many activities that are regulated or prohibited in others.


After talking with the local Wilderness manager I am mulling over creating a multi in our local Wilderness that will take a couple days of backpacking to complete. She was completely supportive and encouraging.

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Wilderness areas in this part of the country are off-limits to motorized vehicles. Hiking and caching are allowed. It hasn't been a problem, especially since geocachers pick up after hikers.

Caches are not allowed in Wilderness Areas in No CO. if they were approved I would have to go pull it and tell you where you could find it.

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