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York Region Maps Wow!


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Hey Geofellas,


I see what you are saying. The map I posted has very basic details and not all the cool features like I promised when clicking on the this link for some reason.


The way I got to this again (and I recreated its coolness) is right from York Region's website at:




This should get you the "Map of Forest Tracts" map options. Wierd that it wont open by going right to it!

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Thanks Swifteroo - got that to work OK - it's a shame it's so slow - must be quite a load on their server too.


There are, apparently, paper maps of all these trails available from the regional offices in Newmarket - possibly from your local (York Region) municipality offices too. When we introduced "Yukon the Geo Dog" to caching in the York Regional Forest the other week they had these.


Other good maps are the Oak Ridges Trail map which is available (for a small but well worthwhile price) from the ORTAssociation through various outlets. We have scanned the ones of the areas we frequent and geo-referenced them for use in Memory-Map maker (which is our mapping software of choice).


They are incredibly useful in planning out our latest evil cache puzzle :P

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