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Sacrificing a day of caching C and I work for the entire of Sunday on the SA Geocoin tracking site (we did find 10 caches on Saturday to make up for it…), and I am pleased to announce that it is...... Almost done ;)


We will post to this or a new forum as soon at it is done, since the site will also contain a new version of our cacher stats page.


To the cachers that will soon own the coins, if you want your coins to be tracked by fellow cachers, we suggest that you add a desciption on how to do this to the coin before sending it on its way. (Will as a document that descibes the process to the tracking page as well)


P.S. We apologise for not replacing the our MIA cache yet, but this, work and finding caches has taken up most of our time. :huh:

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We have finally completed our SA Geocoin tracking site... it is in what people like to call beta version... but all this means is that we can't guarantee that it is bug free... and we are not talking about TB's :lol:


For all of you, who have already received their SA Geocoins, go to www.GeoCaching.za.net to activate them. Once activated, you may begin logging hides or finds.

If anyone has a problem, or a question, either use this forum, or e-mail us.


Before hiding a Geocoin, please attach a note telling cachers where they can log the find. The site will be able to calculate the distance the Coin has travelled between South African caches.

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Next year we will get them made trackable. We can make them trackable without having them on the geocaching.com site but them we must remove the geocaching.com logo!

Next year I will plan things in advance and I will get them made with geocaching.com numbering and trackable on the site!

Just think of it this way. The inaugural coin will be good collector’s items soon see that only 300 where made!

If and when more are being offered- I would like 2 SA geocoins..just email me through my geocache profile of what I need to do to get them>>thanxs



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