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The Manx Mission

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Excellent stuff, Seasider! I hope Part 2 is just as enjoyable - there are a couple which might just slow you down for a minute now. <_<


I hope Pengy and Tigger will find the island a good caching challenge as well, next month (is that still on?). The list is still growing - the ultra-minimalist VM had its FTF today by the grand dame, Cushag herself, and the next Film Series one should be available next week - elementary, my dear cachers! I'll write a geocachingtoday.com news item shortly.



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Sorry I will miss you P & T but will be in Cornwall. I think 3 days will be a challenge to get all the IOM caches done. HH seems to be getting out as many as he can before you come! Have a great time. The island weather has been really lovely this week, sunglasses were needed, whilst the rest of the UK seems to be under snow or very cold rain. Bring very windproof jackets with you though.

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Just out of interest - whatever happened to Seasider's mission to the Isle of Wight or did nothing come about it?

I remember him saying something about offering a lift there to help him out but saw no thread after this - can someone enlighten me or did I dream it????


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