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Checking Interest In Minting An Alaska Geocoin

Ladybug Kids
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We're pushing expressions of interest for close to 350 coins at this point, so at least 500 coins will be ordered. Please keep those posts coming if you are interested in the first Alaska geocoin.


We are fortunate to have a mint in Alaska that expressed interest in producing the coins at a price that should let us provide the coins at under $5 including shipping. The Alaska Mint specializes in Alaskan themes and has several images on their website. The posted coins are silver and silver with gold relief, but the mint strikes custom coins in brass, bronze, and nickel as well.


I'll appreciate any input regarding your experiences with brass, bronze or nickel as a coin material. I'm thinking about going with brass because it would look the most like the gold that so many people have chased up here.


Also, is there any interest in a special "collector's edition" coin being struck in silver using the same die? The cost of a silver coin would be between $20 and $40.

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Put the fam down for 5 plus a silver.


Somebody could mint a coin for the local garbage dump and we would still be jumping in line to get the coins. We are so predictable. Hoping for a good coin from a very beautiful state. Will be hard to beat the Idaho coin.

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Now that there are expressions of interest for more than 400 coins, I'd better get organized by populating the order and mailing database.


If you've already made an expression of interest in this thread, please e-mail ladybugs@alaska.net with your caching name, "real" name, and mailing address with "Alaska Geocoin" on the subject line.


If you haven't made an expression of interest, please post to this thread so others may see the continued growth of the order, but also e-mail ladybugs@alaska.net with the above requested information.


I will e-mail you directly and post to this forum when the coin and shipping cost information is confirmed so you may pay to reserve your coins. At that point, there should also be a draft design you can see to avoid the "sight unseen" aspect this thread has had to date.


Thanks to all for getting on board so quickly!

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Fearless 5 is very interested in at least 10 coins. I would probably take a couple collectors also. I would be happy to assist in any way I can with design, distribution, etc. I will see you at the cachers anonymous event on saturday and see what I can help with.


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So if every collector here takes 5, who are we thinking we are going to trade with, eh?

You can always trade east of W 114° since more the 80% of the expressions of interest have come from west of there :ninja:.


The count is up over 600 regular coins and 50 silver collector's edition coins requested by 98 cachers.


Thanks, everyone, for your leap of faith in chasing a coin sight unseen. Guess I'd better get the junior Ladybug Kids busy flattening Silver Gulch Brewery bottle caps to send out :ninja:.


If you haven't already done so, please send your snail mail address to ladybugs@alaska.net so I may continue to preload the shipping database. I've tried to respond to each e-mail individually, so if you sent me something and didn't get a reply, please resend it. Coin delivery is still at least two months out, but every little bit of up front work that can be done will expedite the distribution process, and I know you are all eager to get your coins.


I discovered tonight that my Norton AV was selectively putting some of your replies in the Spam folder :ninja:. Don't know why because the subject line and message content was essentially the same as the responses that didn't go there. I don't believe I lost any of your notes, but there was a couple days' delay in responding to a few of you.


Stay tuned...

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