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Is The City Too Full?

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Hi all

I've been caching for a couple of months now and have been thoroughly enjoying getting myself out at lunchtime in the City to find the intriguing caches that you wonderful folks have set. I have a couple of ideas for yet more virtual caches based on my favourite out-of-the-way places and sights. I also have ideas for micros that could be the end of a virtual trail leading to a micro-cache. Inevitably these places will be close to other caches since the City is only so big. So, the big question: do you think yet more caches in the City would be overkill or should I go ahead and share my haunts with you?


Deb of Cunning Planners

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ask yourself if the caches you want to place are really different or worthwhiole form the other already there. only you can answer that. if they are then go ahead subject to approval and proximity rules.


if not then you've answered your own question. more does not equal better. new/interesting equals better.

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Yes the more there is the better I would like it. As I drive my 'Hack' around there most of the day, it gets me frustrated when Iget a 'Honk' on my Tomtom Go showing me a cache that I have not done and can't find anywhere to park. Or I have a 'Bunter' in the back.

I myself have a few micros in my pocket that I am trying to find some homes for. :ph34r:

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i have to say that i feel that soon there may be too many caches in the UK. Maybe it is time for a 6 month ban on placing caches?

Maybe we should have a vote by the newbies on existing caches, especially with a view to some of the older caches.......


I for one have a number around the Harrogate Area, and if the vote was there would only be too willing to put some 'to bed' to allow newer cachers the chance to utilise these spaces.

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there may be too many caches in the UK

As long as any new one is worthwhile, there is always going to be room for it. I suspect there's never going to be too many! There appears to be vast areas of countryside with no caches at all - and thousands of potential sites.... :ph34r: Even if an area is not the most inspiring to go to, with a bit of imagination the interest added by the cache setter can make up for shortcomings in the environment.



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Assuming the 'City' is London and not Glasgow then I am 100% with Nobby.Nobbs and HH on this one :ph34r:


Although it is very understandable that new members to geocaching are eager to place their very own caches, later on, once they have had more experience they will perhaps regret having been in such a hurry and be a bit embarassed by their first cache placing attempts.


One only need look back through previous threads on this subject to read everyone's opinions and it was apparent that the general opinion was that new cachers should perhaps wait until they had found a certain number of caches themselves before placing their first cache.


I realise that some cachers are more hesitant to place caches than others (Blush) but better an attempt at quality rather than quantity I would have thought???



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If we are talking about 'The City' London. Then this has got to be Microcache land or vurtuals.

There are not many places where a conventional tupper box can be set with much hope of it not being found and removed by muggles.

With Micros the cacher has to be discrete and cautious. and I might add patient.

There is one cache that I spot daily as I drive past. It has been muggled a couple of times but I expect that is by cleaners. When the spot gets cleaned.

There are lots of railings in the 'City'.


Sorry I can't spell. <_<

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0.1 mile, recommended minimum distance between each cache - plenty of room for loads more! There are quite a lot of well established cachers around us who have to travel far and wide now to find caches. We and another team of fairly new cachers (are we still newbies?) are doing our best to return the favour and set up new ones for them to find and we've had some good email banter going on into the bargain. We've had as much fun placing caches, if not more, as we have had in finding them. Can't comment on the number of caches in the City though - haven't been caching there yet! <_<

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i have to say that i feel that soon there may be too many caches in the UK. Maybe it is time for a 6 month ban on placing caches?

I am a relative newbie who is currently in SE London. Apart from a glut of caches in Greenwich and above, I have a handful of caches within about 5 miles of me, all of which I have done. Central London may be packed out, but the suburbs still have lots of room.

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Thanks all, lots of food for thought here.


My thoughts about the City is that because of the remarkable history of the place that there are hundreds of interesting sights that are very easy to miss. I've worked there 25 years and still turn a corner and find something surprising. I've also been educated by caches set by McdeHack and others - and I thought I knew the place. I think it important that we notice and appreciate the remarkable things around us and if we can have fun while doing it, all to the good.


Enough of the soapbox. I'll think on't (as my Yorkshire inlaws would say). I really appreciate you all taking the time to respond to my possibly naive question.



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Having just spent a week in Euston, about a mile from the city in a straight line I think, I was pleased to have some caches within walking distance, but there were still loads of small park squares, etc, where a micro could go. Of course, as I don't like micros very much, I would probably then complain about them ;)

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