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60c Hanging

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Greetings. I am new to geocaching and just bought a 60C with MapSource NA v. 6.5. All software is updated on both. Something happened today that I am not sure what to do about. Thanks for any help you can provide.


When I setup my GPS, I downloaded 55.5MB of maps to the unit. I am going on vacation, so I decided to change my mapset. My new selection was about 33MB in size. Near the end of the map download process (after the software deleted the currently installed map), my unit hung. I could not turn it on or off and MapSource could not communicate with it. I had to remove the batteries and start over. This happened twice.


I decided to limit my map download to a very small subset of data equalling 14MB. This time the download worked. I would prefer the larger mapset, but am sort of afraid of trying again (plus it takes forever).


I theorized that somehow the unit ran out of space during the map download (even though it shouldn't, I don't think) which is why it hung. What do you think? Have you seen anything like this? Any resolution?


PS I apologize. I mean to put this under the 60C thread and it appears I made a mistake.

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I have a 60C and right now it is loaded with 56.0 mg of maps.....so the 60C CAN take it's full memory worth of maps.....I filled my 60C with Metroguide Canada V4 and Topo Canada V2, but make sure that if you click on the autorouting options on the maps to do it before you get your 54 mg worth of maps because that will increase your mb's

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I've seen this happen when selected maps stradled the US border. If you are doing this, de-select the maps that cross the border. But it shouldn't take forever to load a map set. Are you using USB? It should clear out maps and reload in about 5 minutes. (Don't you HATE it when someone tells you "that shouldn't happen" when you tell them about a problem that you are obviously having?)


You may want to check to make sure you have the latest drivers installed, but they are not that new (8/26/04).

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The 60C has a capacity of 56MB. Each mapset that you load can be up to the full capacity because each time you send map data to the unit, the old data does in fact get erased. There are a few 60 series units out there that have experienced lock-ups under a variety of circumstances, but I've never heard of it happening while loading map data.


You mention that you previously nearly reached capacity when you first got the unit. Now loading a new set causes the problem. Does it freeze at about the same point during the transfer? I'm thinking that maybe one of the .img files is corrupted, and the GPSr doesn't know what to do when it receives a corrupted file. Maybe try an entirely different set in a region of the country far away from the where the set is that you're trying to load...


If the different set loads, then try re-installing your MapSource product.


Hope it helps...

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Some clarification: according to what is happening on my screen during the data download, the unit hangs after the old maps are deleted. So, there should be space. It could be an IMG file since it does hang during the downloading of new map data. I'll test that.


I haven't included any data from outside the US, unless the ocean around New Orleans counts.


It takes much, much longer than 5 minutes. Creating the index files is painful. I have USB 1.1 natively, but also have a card for USB 2.0. I haven't used the 2.0 card because I thought the cable for the GPS wouldn't support it. But, I can test that.



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