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Newbie Saying Hi!

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Hi all,

Found out about geocaching by accident, read lots about it and it seems right up my street. I live in Southern Hampshire and the closest cache to me is less than half a mile. Haven't got a GPSr yet, its between a Etrex Venture or a Legend- depends on how much I save and how long before I give in to the tempation of buying one!


Maybe see some of you out there soon.



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Surrender my sanity eh? nah!! I lost my sanity years ago!! You have to be mad to things like kiting(something I used to do, can't now, shoulder injury).


Adios for now, arv

There are a few other kiters around here. At least one has a kite buggy and uses the GPSr as a speedo.

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Theres a 1/1 cache fairly close to me which I'm going to attempt to find(without GPSr) just for a little bit of fun.

I found my first cache without a GPSr. I was first to find it, too...


And I gather there are even some cachers who prefer to rely on old fashioned paper maps and compasses. Oh well, I guess they don't have batteries to run down!


Bob Aldridge


PS did you find it? :huh:

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Hi Mark, where are you going in Devon? We can put a few more out by then if it is this part of Devon (East) ;o)

Going to Croyde in North Devon.

You know you made a good decision on where to go for a holiday when even a Devonian goes to Devon for a holiday. We're off to 7 miles from Croyde for a holiday in spring. Not too many up there compared to some parts, but enough to be getting on with :huh:

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Hi , I'm fairly new too. Live in Barnstaple about 5 miles from croyde , nice surfing there. If your going in summer expect to surf with about 4000 other people too.


Done some caches out towards lynton and exmoor way, its a lovely place to walk.


Hope you have fun up round here.


I have an Etrex venture and i think its great btw.



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