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There's a good several page article on geocaching in the March/April 2005 issue. The author writes about a hunt for the "Stone Stash" at N 45° 05.595 W 072° 19.987 south east of Montreal. (no cache of that name in my search)


It's quite well done and has explanations of the various types of caches and a small glossary of terms (CITO, FTF, TNLN, ect.).


Not sure if the article is on line as the

CcanadianGeographic.ca site seems to be down when I checked.

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Stone Stash did exist but it's been archived so not so easy to find (but there is a way  :) )

I bet lots of CG readers are going to be doing a search for that cache. To bad it's been archived.


Some of the cachers mentioned in the article are Mountain Man, Moog, Frog and Polywog, Maraudeur, and Butternut. I think these are names from the log book and not cachers that the author met.


Edit for spelling.

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Ok, Hard Oiler.... what's the trick?  You know the guy, so you drop in for a visit?  :)

Not too difficult a trick. Type the coordinates into seek a cache, from the list click on MapIt in the top right. You'll get the gray square that is Canada. Check the list archived caches and Identify boxes. Click on the middle of the gray square and Stone Stash magically appears.

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To my delight I noticed today that the March April 2005 edition had a well-written article on our favorite sport/hobby/obsession. We in Manitoba certainly got it later than many of you. See http://www.canadiangeographic.ca/explorati...asp?from=travel

for more info. Its focus is on the eastern townships of Quebec. Might never find these caches but it is good to see our sport/hobby getting some high profile attention.

Appreciated the intelligent writing.

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