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T-shirts + Stuff For Diehard Cachers!!!

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New thought....


If you nice people purchase (or have purchased) any of the merchandise, mainly the clothing, it would be nice to see a pic of you or the lucky recipient wearing said merchandise caching. Post it here in the topic for us to see!


Thank you- thank you- thank you!



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NORML is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, but no worry about being offensive to anyone as you are in no way affiliated with NORML or any other organization unless you choose to affiliate yourself with them. For anyone who is concerned about inadvertently supporting a cause distasteful to them, no worries as Cafepress is simply a great site that enables anyone to utilize their own creative designs to offer merchandise for sale to others without taking on the burden of stocking the merchandise or running the webstore.


I applaud these new designs and the variety of items you can order. If you would add the "What do you do?" to the tree shirt, I will definitely get one.

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Hey Folks!


Your friendly neighborhood shirtmaster here, dropping a note to let you know that the NEWLY REDESIGNED "Billion-Dollar" Shirt (that adds "what do you do" to the bottom) as well as a couple of bumper stickers are now available at cachewag.webhop.org!


Also, bulk discounts are available! 35% off for orders of over 15 units of the same product!


Thanks to everyone for your comments, they have been very helpful!




(unaffiliated with NORML in any way)


P.S.: Keep those comments comin'!

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