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Garmin Gpsmap 60

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I've been looking for a new GPSr to upgrade from my very old Magellan GPS2000 and I like the Garmin GPSMAP 60cs a friend has. Only thing is the budget (isn't it always the budget ! ! !). The old Magellan just takes too long to lock up with a decent location and doesn't see half the birds the newer Garmin's do even after 10 minutes or more. What it takes my Magellan 5 minutes to do, my friend does in 20 seconds or less. There is nothing wrong with the Magellan, it's just 1996 technology compared to 2004 techonology. I just find myself spending a lot of time standing still waiting on the Magellan to catch up with our location on a geocache hunt to give me an accurate reading.


From what I have read here, the compass option is not that big a deal and needs to be held level and be recalibrated after battery change to work accurately (not to mention to extra battery drain). I have been using a 'analog' compass with the old Magellan anyway. That puts me comparing the GPSmap 60 to the GPSmap 60c.


Other that the color vs greyscale display, are there any differences between the 60 and the 60c I'm not seeing. Unless I've missed something the 60 seems to be a greyscale version of the 60c feature wise. I also see the memory is less on the 60, but I suspect a good bit of that is eaten up by the color data for the mapping so it probably equals out in the long run (4 color greyscale vs 256 color TFT).


I'm really leaning towards a GPSMAP 60 (greyscale) right now due to features for price. The color on my friend's 60cs was nice, but the color display looked dark in sunlight to me. I want to actually see a 60 (greyscale) model firsthand before plunking down the bucks, but I like the plain b&w display on the old Magellan.


So did I miss something and is the memory difference really that great in the "real world"?

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The memory difference (24 MB vs. 56 MB) certainly does make a big difference in how large an area you can cover with CitySelect or other detailed maps. And the colors on the 60c/cs models don't make any difference at all regarding the memory required to download a given set of maps. If you want to be able to use the unit with the CitySelect maps on an extended trip then you're likely to find the 24 MB rather limiting unless you have a laptop or access to a PC along the way so you can reload maps as needed.


But in your note it's not clear what features of the 60 series you find so appealing. Speed in getting a lock isn't significantly better in these models than in any other modern 12 parallel channel receiver, so if that's mainly what you're after there would be many other models to look at as well, including many that are less expensive, such as the Legend, GPS V, Meridian Gold, SporTrackMap, iFinder models, etc.

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I do have a tablet PC (not PDA, full windows XP pro/tablet version) which I take on the road with me so uploading data on the fly is not that big of an issue. I guess I could just use MS streets & trips and not get a mapping GPS if it came down to it.


I mainly want a good feature loaded GPS for geocaching and color does not really matter to me. I'm more interested in the quad helix vs patch antenna and signal strength and position accuracy than color.


I was not overly impressed with the color display of the 60cs in daylight. It seemed dark to me. That's one reason I was looking at the GPSmap 60 (greyscale).


So other than the memory & display difference (color vs greyscale) are they really any others?


I had thought about a iFinder Hunt or Pro, but they don't seem to be very popular. Seems to be mostly Garmin users around here.

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I have LCD and color TFT screens. In almost all light conditions, the TFT screens have better contrast and are easier to see.


The built-in compass is a real advantage over a magnetic compass. I only turn it on when I get close to a cache so the extra battery drain is minimal.


I change batteries while it is plugged into my cigarette lighter so I don't have to continually recalibrate the compass.


32 MB of memory is a lot. 24 MB of Mapsource maps takes up 24MB of memory in a B&W and 24 MB of memory in a color unit.


It's cheaper to buy the color unit now than to upgrade later especially if you unlock City Select on the B&W unit.

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Face it man, deep down inside you KNOW you want the C! There's no sense in denying it any longer. The additional memory and that gorgeous color is just too much temptation! Go 'head and get the C! If you go with the B&W 60, you'll always be questioning whether or not you made the right choice! It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! :rolleyes:


...and all your friends will be jealous of the 60C <_<

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I've got a GPSmap 60 and opted to go instead for the monochrome as budget is still budget, and when you don't have the extra money to purchase the mapping software, I chose to go with the map60 instead. The colour wasn't a big motivating factor since I was used to a Legend anyways.


I've found sat lock very quick compared to the old Legend, so new technology does make a difference. As well, the time that the map60 takes to reconfigure/draw the maps on the mapping page is significantly quicker (and I do have the latest firmware on the Legend).


The 24mb of memory is a LITTLE con, but even still I managed to blaze a trail of maps through the major routes of BC all the way to Alberta.


The biggest item that I am missing is the waypoint total....at first Garmin was advertising that the map60 had room for 1000 waypoints, but then when I received the unit, found out that there was room for only 500. I know that this will eventually increase with firmware upgrades, but I got used to the 1000 waypoint feature on the Legend.


Hope that this helps.

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