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Zero Three Photographs....


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Are these photos from a disposable camera that you leave in a cache? Do people generally leave the camera in the cache or are there many incidences of them getting nicked?

Quite a few caches have disposible cameras in them. They rarely get nicked, certainly not by geocachers. If a cache gets completely trashed then it's bye bye camera.


The cache owner, or occasionally a kind hearted cacher who finds the camera full, develops them, scans them and sticks them on a website for all to see. I just love them. Propose to stick one in my next cache.

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I had a cache trashed with a camera in it - they took a few pics and left it. The pictures from the camera can be seen on my web page. The cache was Rabbits.


I have also had cameras that didn't like being left outside and when the pics were developed were found to be blank.


I think I have around 10 cameras out in the wild at the moment - they are great!.



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