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My bookmark list of caches that can be done with canoe, kayak, or raft:




Any suggestions for caches to add to this list?


There are several caches along Lake Union and the Seattle shore of Lake Washington in the street end parks that CAN be done by kayak or canoe. Some of them you would need to beach the boat and walk up to 50 yards or so. I think I have done a few in Bellevue and Renton that would be the same.

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Here we are. I'll be doing the Iron Horse(actually the Snoqualmie Pass Trail) on June 17th Caches on the list!


Pacific Crest Trail Caches (Washington and Oregon)


The Pacific Crest Trail has some of the best scenery in the state. One of my favorite hikes is the 26 mile segment from Chinook Pass summit to White Pass summit


Let me know of other caches on the PCT in Washington and Oregon and I will add them to the Bookmark list.




I haven't done Bookmarks for them all YET, but I have the following in Caches along a Route(for compiling in PQ's)


Pacific Crest Trail(Master courtesy of the USFS)

Search for "PCT" under Keyword search

  • Pacific Crest Trail WA
  • Pacific Crest Trail OR
  • Pacific Crest Trail Northern CA
  • Pacific Crest Trail North Central CA
  • Pacific Crest Trail South Central CA
  • Pacific Crest Trail Southern CA

Rail Trails

  • Search for "Rail Trail" under Keyword Search
  • John Wayne Pioneer Trail - East side of Snoqualmie Pass to end of Rail Trail
  • Milwaukee Rd Corridor Trail - Warden to ID State line
  • Scablands Nature Corridor - Pasco to Cheney
  • Snoqualmie Pass Trail - West side of Snoqualmie Pass to Rattlesnake Lake. Commonly referred to as the Iron Horse Trail...

I may get the Centennial Trail this weekend when I bike it.


The Steaks

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I've just finished updating my NW Classics bookmark list, which is aimed at visiting (or new) cachers who ask: "Which caches in the Seattle area should I do?" and/or "What are the best day trips?"


It contains 25 caches that are most frequently cited as the "must do's", as well as popular "rites of passage." I included a few non-Seattle-area caches (e.g. Original Stash, Room With a View) that are frequently cited as NW classics for those on road trips or doing milestones. I included a couple of hiking caches, focusing on bang-for-the-buck for the mainstream cacher. I also added some location info, to help visitors who aren't familiar with local names and landmarks plan their trips.


Let me know if I missed anything crucial. Of course, there are tons of wonderful caches around here, and many of my personal faves aren't listed, but the goal is to keep the list succinct and representative of the key caches in various categories (scenic, iconic, historic, clever).


Thanks to those who provided input for this version. And thanks to those who've rated it "useful" thus far. :laughing:

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I'm fascinated by the Ice Age (Missoula) floods, and created a bookmark list for caches that highlight the Eastern WA topography created by these catastrophic floods:


Missoula Flood caches


The list primarily consists of the 10 excellent caches created by geologist Bruce Bjornstad, but also has other caches that emphasize flood features. If you have suggestions of caches to add, let me know (the cache writeup needs to include informative details about a flood feature, not just be a cache placed nearby).

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I've started a bookmark list of caches that speak of the history of the railroad in WA state. Not all caches located on old rail lines will be listed. Only those with cache pages that describe interesting historical information about the location or that lead you to a historical railroad artifact (trestle, tunnel, showshed, etc). More will be added to the list as I become aware of them.


WA Railroad History Caches Bookmark list.

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Hike of the Month list if you feel like hitting the trails.

I actually reached a max limit of 20 bookmarks. Ymmv upto 22. 2006 HOTMs have now been condensed into one bookmark and appropriately edited for when the hikes were accomplished. 2007 will soon follow. If you're looking for individual months, now is the time to grab 'em before I begin that exercise next month.

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please add some more of these folks.. I rely on bookmarks to find quality caches.. I'm working on a bookmark or two of my own to share, but want to make sure I have some good ones first.. and that I am not duplicating those already posted.

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A good way to find bookmarks for any area, or any one thing (such as light houses for example) is to go to some of the lighthouse caches and look on the cache page for "bookmarks". Check out the bookmark lists there. I've found a lot of bookmarks lists that way, such as small boat caches.

I looked at the cache pages of some of the boat caches around, and found a bookmark list.

Unfortunately that particular list was way out of date. It didn't have new ones on it and had many, many that had been archived.

So I made a new small boat cache list. Please let me know which I am missing.



You can let me know how to make these into small links, and that would be great.


another of my bookmark lists is for Sudoku caches. this is a new one in progress. There are tons of those caches in Oregon, but I've found few in WA so far. I've just learned how to play this game so I thought some caches would be fun.



Please note that I do try to always put where the cache is located.

That is the other main way my small boat cache list differs with the other small boat cache list. Look at the list and it will have a short description of where the cache is.


yes these lists are a lot of fun.


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FYI that our two most famous rails-to-trails hikes have bookmark lists, one new and one old:


Iron Goat Trail - new list for this 9-mile trail off Hwy 2 (west of Stevens Pass).


Iron Horse Trail - MarcusArelius' list of caches for the western part of this trail along the I-90 corridor, from Hyak to Rattlesnake Lake. The APE cache is along this route.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to make a bookmark list of bookmark lists.


I imagine not, as I can't see any way to do it, but it would be cool. thanks

The only way I can think of to do it would be to use HTML and make a list of links in your profile.

Sounds like a great suggestion to add that feature to our profiles...

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silly question, i'm looking for a bookmark list of the ape cache and the caches around it, is there one?

WSGA had a GPX file of the Ape-area caches posted for our Going APE event, but we had to remove it from the cache page afterward, per Groundspeak's licensing agreement (we were granted an exception for a few days for the event).


There IS a bookmark list of the Iron Horse Trail, Hyak - Rattlesnake, that includes the Ape and its neighbors on the trail. Then just add the few at the Annette Lake TH and trail, and you've got it.

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WSGA is pleased to announce our new Cache Recommendations section, which is a compilation of bookmark lists showcasing the best caches across Washington state. WSGA created the primary regional and route lists, and we also link to selected 'special interest' bookmark lists frequently cited by cachers.


When a visiting (or new) cacher asks, "Which caches should I do," these bookmark lists may provide some good ideas, whether you’re visiting one area or travelling across the state.

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