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Pacific Crest Trail Caches (Washington and Oregon)


The Pacific Crest Trail has some of the best scenery in the state. One of my favorite hikes is the 26 mile segment from Chinook Pass summit to White Pass summit


Let me know of other caches on the PCT in Washington and Oregon and I will add them to the Bookmark list.



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As nice as it is to look through these lists, I am not finding them particularly useful when it comes to sharing them. I think they work wonderfully as a "to-do" list, but when I am looking over everyone's list, these are the problems I have with them:


1. No mention of where these caches are. I'd like to see something similar to how normal cache listings say "x.xx miles from your home coordinates".


2. I don't know if these are caches I've done or not. I'd like to see something similar to how normal cache listings shade caches that I have already been to.


3. I don't know ratings on these caches, so if I wanted to do some, I'd have to open each in order to see the difficulty and terrain. I'd like to see it listed in the list view.


Basically, I'd like to see more information in the list, similar to normal search results. Then I'd actually find looking at shared lists useful.



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Basically, I'd like to see more information in the list, similar to normal search results. Then I'd actually find looking at shared lists useful.

Post what you said in the "geocaching.com" section of the forums. Then Jeremy will look at and evaluate it.

I tend to agree with you. It would be nice to have that info.

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I was driving along Lake Washington Blvd. today and noticed that the cherry trees were in bloom. Perhaps some people might like to take a look. I put together this bookmark list so I could share the caches along that boulevard. If I left any out, please let me know and I will add them. I chose not to put in caches in the Arboretum, but kept the list to those reasonable close to the lake.

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A convenient place to view the Earthcaches that are within the Pacific NW. I will strive to keep it up to date... at this pace it should be no problem. So far, BC is way out ahead of us and we are tied with OR.


PacNW Earthcaches


Added a couple more, one in WA and one in OR. Thanks to thebeanteam for pointing that out to me. Apparently, the list on the earthcache site is not as up to date as the GC Db. A pocket query cleared up the two missing from the list.

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I'm doing my best to keep BC out front on the Earthcaches. I have another one planned and hope to get it posted in a couple of weeks.


There are probably hundreds of possible Earthcaches in the Northwest (I include BC, Yukon, and Alaska in that along with the other western states). The limits being put on caches in National Parks in the US though is hampering the listing of potentially dozens of Earthcaches there. We don't have that restriction in Canada (yet) so it's been easy to get so many listed.

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I feel silly, but I don't know how to make a bookmark. I went to the page to do it, and it just gave me an open text box. How do I make the links to the cache? Where do I put the comments? I'm confused. ;)

When you click “My Account” on the main gc.com page, there should be a hyperlink called “Manage Bookmarks” near the top of the page. That will take you to this page: Bookmarks


Under "My Bookmark Lists", click the hyperlink “Create New List”. Here is where you create your own Bookmark. Say for example you want to create a Bookmark for your favorite caches. In the Name box, you could type “My Favorite Caches”. Then in the Description Box, add a few lines about your Bookmark, up to 1000 characters. Click the next boxes if you want to share the list, or be notified. Then click “ Create Bookmark List.


Now start filling that bookmark with your favorite caches. Click “Bookmark Listing” at the top of each cache page that you want to be included in the bookmark. That takes you to a page called “Create a Bookmark” (the cache name will already be entered). There is a pop-down list on that page listing all of your bookmarks. Select the one that applies. Add comments. Then click “Create Bookmark”.


Any time you want to view your bookmarks, go to My Account, then click Manage Bookmarks.


Hope that helps.

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Cache of the Month Nominees


The link above will take you to a listing of all cache nominated for WSGA Cache Of The Month. Caches must have been found between the 25th of the month before to the 25th of the month nominated. I will update this list after the voting each month. For the first three months (July - August, 2005) any cache in the state is eligible. Starting with September, 2005 caches must have been placed within the last year. For more details check out The WSGA Forum page.

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I think I'll stop now......


You can't stop yet, Lizzy. Your bookmarks are very helpful when I'm planning a cache outing and......I'm waiting for you to do a bookmark of (just) Lopez Island.


I would have, but lucyandrickie beat me to that one! Making those lists is the next best thing to a major road trip. I sure miss those. Just you wait til my little one gets a couple years older....then BAM!! we're hitting the road again. :rolleyes:

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