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Help In France Needed - Trip Next Week..


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I will be traveling to Paris next week and I would like to do a bit of caching on the side. The majority of my trip will be spent at Disneyland Paris and I have found the listing for the caches there and then I did a location search from those to get an idea of what is in the general area. I will not be traveling with a car but I will be able to take the metro and RER within the 5 zone range. What caches would I be able to hit that are close to a train station or within walking distance? It is difficult to tell without knowing the area if the Paris Ring caches are close.


Thank you for any help you can give!

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Hi Disneyfan,


I guess that this is no problem to look for the "Paris Ring" caches using only metro and RER... All of them are within the 5 zones range anyway.


I assume that the "Paris Ring" originator (Intothewoods) made the caches available only using the public transportations.


Some of the "Paris Ring" refer to metro/RER access in the description.


Of course, all of the Paris downtown caches are accessible as well without specific transportation way.


Enjoy your trip.


Pat - DarkVaduke

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I'm also due to drive over to France in March. I'll be going from Calais to La Plagne then back via Disneyland. Does anyone know if there is a list of geocaches that can be imported into mapsource (anything will do as converting isn't a problem). For the UK I use rob & lisa's site to download mps and gpx files for parts of the country then cut and paste in mapsource. It's something like that I'm looking for. At the moment I've just gone to the geocaching web site and downloaded those caches where I know I'll be. I just wanted to be able to download everything along my route. Of course with 800 miles to cover I doubt I'll get a chance to stop to geocache but as I speed past on what hopefully will be empty autoroutes I can say "there's a geocache just over there" whilst looking hopefully at the family. :(

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You could pay $3 for a month's premium membership and run a pocket query to slurp up all the caches in France.


A bit before Dijon you could make a small detour to my caches Not Exactly Purgatory or a slightly larger one to Château de Lafauche (if you plan to do this one, I'll give you a detailed hint, two people haven't been able to find it but I cannot believe it would have got muggled).



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