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Revenge Of The Lampost Cache.


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Lamppost revenge - dog killed

From correspondents in Lille, France



A DOG was electrocuted in France when it urinated on a lamppost with a loose connection, officials in the town said today.


The three-year old Argentinian mastiff named Pako was being walked by its owner in Wavrechain-sous-Denain in northern France on Sunday evening.


It let out a yelp and died on the spot.


The owner received a shock when he tried to help the dog and was taken to hospital, the town hall said.


A spokesman for the local electricity board said the street light had been vandalised and a live wire was in contact with the metal pole.

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maybe Groundspeak could add a "urination hazard" icon for caches

Just a slight modification of the Chevy/Ford NASCAR icons already all over truck rear windows will do the trick. Any volunteers from the photoshop club out there? B)

Be careful what you wish for...


Suitable for sticking on your NASCAR-approved electrofied cache container:


You hide ammo cans in lamp posts? Must be some BIG lamp posts in Cheeseland... B)

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Another incident NYC on the same subject:


In the form of manhole covers. From The Economist Cities Guide: New York Briefing:


In January, a woman walking her dog died after stepping on an electrified manhole cover. Since the incident, Consolidated Edison (Con Ed), the regional utility company, has found more than 280 service-box lids, manhole covers and street lights with stray voltage passing through, capable of producing anything from mild to fatal shocks. Responding to an outcry over public safety, Con Ed has promised to fix the problem, and to test all 250,000 potential hot spots.


Manhole covers are a steady source of headaches in the city. In 2003 there were around 4,600 manhole incidents, including almost 1,300 in which the lids blew off, according to the New York Post. Recent winter storms have only worsened the situation, as the rock salt used to fight icy conditions seeps underground and eats into wires. Shoes typically insulate walkers, but discomfited New Yorkers are taking care to watch their step.


The point of the two stories is there is potential invisible hazard when placing caches on or in urban infrastructure.

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I just posted that link yesterday under "Dangerous cache devices."


Also this one:



This has happened more than a few times, with utility boxes as well as lampposts. Another person died in a similar way in Las Vegas:


(no dog involved in that one!)

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So what does dogs peeing on energized lightpoles and woman standing on energized manhole covers have to do with geocaching? 

If you make the link that there are electrically hot lightpoles and people are getting killed touching them and geocachers often hide and seek caches in lightpoles, you will see how it applies.

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