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Garmin 60c Or 60cs


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There were a few minor things at first, but Garmin has fixed all that I was aware of. I got the 60cs because of the compass. I find that it helps when you get close and there a many possible hidding places. The compass will point you in the right direction even when you are standing still. I'm very happy with mine. My son got the 76cs, which is a little bigger, but it has 115 megs for maps. The 60 only has 56 megs for maps. I can get all of SC, close to 1/2 of NC and Vir loaded. That would be my only draw back.


The Old Fogies


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From what I've heard, the 60CS uses up batteries a tiny bit faster, and of course is a little more pricey, but the firmware is identical, and those with the CS swear by them. I use a 60C myself, and carry a magnetic compass for those times that I need one. I've never had an electronic compass, so I don't miss it. Those that use them say that they would never go back.

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I'm new to this so take my opinion for what it's worth, AND, this may only be a fluke, but my father and I both recently purchased a 60 and a 60cs. We both have had problems with the software freezing up and refusing to allow any map settings changes. I'm in the midst of trying a "master reload" on mine as suggested by users here as we speak. I'm assuming these things are just like a PC, problems are part of the experience.


My brother in law has a several year old Garmin V which has never experienced any problems at all so ???????? who knows.

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I have to say I have the the older 76s and it has a compass.


I love the electronic compass when im out in the woods.


I am buying the 60cs this year because of the compass I like it that much :-)

and I like that it now has color screen please it looks like a real cool looking unit

if only it had touch screen and memory cards that you can slide in that would be

real cool :-)



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