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I posted this in the pinned FAQ's above but I decided to put it here as well.


Ok.. my situation. I live on the border of New Brunswick Canada and Maine U.S.A. When I do a search for caches nearest me(filter finds) many of Maine's caches come up. Someday I would like to go find some of these but not just when I get a few hours to go.


1. I dont wan't to add them to my ignore list as I don't really want to ignore them. The caches in the "Ignore list" I will likely Never go find.


2. I have a Bookmark list named "Caches in Maine". I add the caches in maine to it, but they still show up on my "caches nearest me(filter finds)" search.


3. Can there be an option when creating a bookmark list to A - "Show in searches" B - "Do not show in searches."


I hope this issue has not allready been posted but I didn't see it in the preceeding posts anywhere.

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