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Playing With Names

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Seek the Short - Hmmm?

Eh! The Strokes - my fav band

The trek shoes - my boots you mean?

The Host Reeks - and we haven't put an event together yet either!

Eh! The trek SOS - lost in the woods again

The Kosher set - SNIP!

He's the Stoker?

Thoth Seekers - what's a Thoth?

Sh! Seek the rot - must be taking about "from 'ere to 'ere"

Sh! Seek t'other - wrong tree dummy


then I got bored :surprise:

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Thoth Seekers - what's a Thoth?

Thoth was the wisest of the Egyptian gods, he was usually depicted with the head of an Ibis.


He was the Scribe who wrote the story of our Reality, then placed it into grids for us to experience and learn. He was also called the God of the moon and supposedly created EVERYTHING!


Hope it helps! :surprise:


House Of Boo

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