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:huh: Hello, I don't know if this is the right place for this question, but I guess someone will tell me. I am from U.S.A., and am planning a trip to England, maybe in the fall of 2005. Have been there before, but was not into geocaching at the time. I placed a query in General Geocaching Discussons--Getting started and received a lot of very helpful information. I was referred to www.geocacheuk.com and have visited that site. I wanted to register, but the first box asks for my geocache.com name, and my name and the name of a lot of other cachers I know are not listed there, and it won't let me enter my name. So, my question is, do I just not know how to do this? Is it only for premium members? (I think not because my son is a premium member and not listed) or is this site only for those who live in the UK? I really want to be as prepared as I can for my next trip.


Thank you so very much in advance for any assistance. signed: Yo Yo Maxx

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I can't explain why you can't register, there are more knowledgeable people than that here, but I think the additional functionality revolves around caches that you've found in the UK.


You can use the site without registering and get good use out of it - if your connection speed is slow I'd recommend using 'advanced options' on the cache search page to search for caches within a radius of the town you're interesting in.

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I think the list shows anyone whao has ever placed or logged a cache in the UK.


If I am right, and I am sure someome else who knows more will confirm, you could always try making a note on a cache page something along the lines of "Hoping to visit this cache on my visit to the UK" and wait for GUK to pick you up. If it actually needs a log and not a note then you could ask a cache owner if you could place a temporary log on a cache and the delete it when you can register.


Hope that helps,


Dave - The Gecko's

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The geckos are spot on but it only works on finds :huh: so until you log a find your name wont be in the database.


however you can still use all the searches, maps ect. without registering. The main benifit of registering is that you can filter out your finds or show your finds only.


sorry hope that helps

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I am a little confused why you want to register on the geocacheuk site if you are only visiting. You can still log caches while in the uk on the geocaching.com site?


The GUK site is a listing and stats site for UK cachers. No problem if you want to be listed as a UK cacher, just curious as to why you do? :huh:

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