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entering coordinates

Guest brucebridges

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Guest brucebridges

I feel like a real maroon but after reading through the manual for my new Etrex Summit (my first GPS unit) I do not understand how you enter the coordinates of a cache. Am I missing something here?


can somebody please help this miserable newbie?




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Guest Paul Lamble

I use a Summit too.


Get to the screen where the Weeble holds the flag and asks OK? Use the down arrow to go to the coordinates at the bottom of the screen. When they are highlighted, press the enter key and proceed to scroll through them to get to the value you need to change. Press Enter to select that value, then scroll up or down on the alphanumeric menu to get to the value you want. And so on.


They tell me you can buy an expensive cord to connect your GPS to your PC and do this data entry more easily on your keyboard, but so far my needs haven't required that investment.

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Guest jeremy

I have an eTrex (regular), but here's a shortcut. Push in and hold the button on the bottom left-hand side of the eTrex. It automatically goes to the page with the flag guy. Follow the instructions on how to enter info from there.



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