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Geocacher.co.za And Travel Bugs


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I have looked all over, e-mailed and searched (and I'm not even looking for a geocache :( ), to find out when the geocacher.co.za website will start selling travel bugs. I have had no luck. If anyone can tell me, that would be great. I'm looking to buy travel bugs. Money is short (being a student), and I would like to arrange an order with someone who is either ordering travel bugs or is going over seas and will be able to purchase them. Let me know.

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I realy have no idea! I would think it shoud be around the $5.99x6+20%(import duty)+14%(VAT)= R49.00

Hopefully I can get them landed without having to pay the import duty or vat but the customs people are now-a-days pretty strick and ALL parcels are checked!

I'm also trying to get some handcarried to my work so that I can bring them in my bag when I come back to SA. Like this I couls alos bring them in without import duty and VAT (Hopefully)

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The geoshop on www.geocacher.co.za are now up and running!

I expect some small hitches in the shopping basket but please just cancel the sale if there is a problem and email me. I would of liked to have the shop in Beta format for a while to see how it goes but I know some people is just waiting for travelbugs etc so I went ahead and started it already!

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