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Garmin GPS 38 Too Old

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Newbie to geocaching and found my first cache the other day with a little difficulty. With light tree cover it was telling me that I had poor GPs coverage. Will the new Garmin E-Trex, Venture, or Legend operate better under current conditions. Should I upgrade to a better model? What would one recommend beween these 3 models? What would one recommend for a 11 year old son? Thanks for your input from one who is intrigued by GEOCACHING----------Geowls

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Hi; I have a old ($300!) Garmin 38 and a two week old etrex. They give me the same results in a clear location; in difficult terrain the 38 loses track first, and often. And the 38 takes at least three times as long to get lock, as it is a single channel switched machine. Go for the etrex.

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