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Hi everyone...


I hope this is the right section in which to plop this question.


Here goes: I'm thinking of putting together a geomeet, maybe this summer, maybe in the fall. I have been to only 2 geomeets myself, both well put-together by the same individual. I was very impressed! Still, I wish I had more experience with what happens at other meets. But we do have a great place nearby that would be perfect for a meet, and I may be able to get a little help. I notice in reading geomeet pages from different states that no two events seem alike.


My question: In the geomeets you've attended, what activities or what about them made them memorable, good, or great? Can you give possible suggestions for activities you found worthwhile? What would be your "wish list" for a geomeet you would want to attend?


Thanks for any help.

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I'm from the KISS school of event planning. I rather spend time talking to people that I know and meeting new people vs. caching or playing gps games when at an event.


When do plan on having this event, durning the week or weekend? How many people have been at the events you've been to?

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My first, only, and most memorable event was last years CITO.


We started the morning at a pavillion. Logbooks were signed, TBs dropped off, people introduced, and they had sign ups for the different tasks that needed down. After everyone had gotten a chance to get aquanted and settled down, the people from the parks department were introduced and they explained what we would doing and how grateful they were.


After that, we worked until lunch time at our requested tasks. At lunch, we had lots of great food. The coordinator had put up an itemized list with exactly what needed to be brought, (for example 2 - 12 packs of mountain dew) as people logged that they would attend, they said what they were bringing and the list was updated. This lead to a really good cookout.


Next, they had several games available. The first was sort of just an icebreaker game, designed to help people meet eachother. The next was an accuracy game. One of the coordinators had found a random spot, taken a waypoint, and printed the waypoint up. From there, people were given small flags and asked to put their flag where they thought the waypoint actually was.


They also had a small timed competition where people had to find a micro.


There were also several caches put out for people to find, and the park was filled with preexisting caches that could be found.

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I'm one for trying to do everything possible, so I appreciated that I was able to find each event-placed cache at the 2004 NYGO summer picnic. None of the caches was too much of a hike so you could stop back for the potluck food. Also, the cacher "scavenger hunt", where you found cachers that fit certain criteria was fun because it made you have to talk to people.

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I see events falling into categories. Each category has some distinction of greatness.


SerenityNow and the gang put on the coolest, most interesting event each September around Cleveland. It's always intense and it draws hundreds of people. This year's event is being promoted here. One big part of a puzzle event like this is the build-up and the story behind the activity. It's all about anticipation. Having a huge mass of people means that there are all sorts of interesting and notable people to meet along the tour.


In Central Ohio, we like relaxed events where people just show up and do what comes naturally. Our Cache & Coffee events that started last January (2004) have been a huge reason for me knowing people's names. We sit and talk about terrain, finds, hides, kids, parents, coffee, work... whatever. It's very laid back and social. That makes it just about ideal for our group.


Another type of event that works well is set up like a challenge course. Cleveland Metro Parks do a really good job with this. Last year's course included free use of Kayaks and canoes, a biking challenge, a creek hike. 8 adventures in all. It was well planned, staffed, and attended.


It really just depends on what you want to put into it. Events can be great on many levels.

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The Louisiana campouts are by far the best geocaching events I've been to. Unfortunately, I've had to miss a couple, and no doubt the folks there missed me! :mad:


The events we have in Memphis are standard get-togethers at a local eatery. I have a good time. I meet local cachers. But they aren't special.


An overnight (or weekend) campout with food, fires, and a chance to really hang out with other cachers has been my best experience.



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When do plan on having this event, durning the week or weekend? How many people have been at the events you've been to?


I hope to have it on a Saturday or Sunday if possible.


Of the two I've been to, they were bothSNEG meets. The recent one this month was attended by over 55 teams and over 100 people, with over 160 TB's exchanged. Truly amazing, put together by Blackstone Val. WOW! His fall meet had over 40 teams from 4 states, about 80 individuals, and about 120 TB's exchanged.


I love the idea of an evening meeting with a campfire. Thanks! That gives me an idea for a night cache there! And the flag activity is something that's been dwelling in my head, but I didn't think of flags...I was thinking of rods or flat disks of some sort. I like the flag idea better.


I'm taking notes here, thank you everyone for helping!

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We have been to three "official" events, all of which were great. One was a party in the host's back yard, and the other two were dinners in a couple of restaurants. Also, we had an "un-official" event when one of our local players hit a milestone.


We have also thrown one event ourselves. It is a fairly complex-to-throw GeoLuau. After the fun we had last year, we decided to make it an annual event.


And, we're gonna throw a restaurant event in April. Pretty basic.


So, to answer the question....do what you enjoy. If you like simple, then keep it simple. Same for complicated.


The GeoLuau is a scream, but it's a lot of work. The resturant events are every bit as much fun. And all you have to do is reserve a bunch of seats.


Whatever you decide on, your local GC community will show up in droves, if they're anything like the folks here.


We hate to miss a gathering.


(edit--I can't spell complicated) :huh:

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Beer= the Social Lubricant It allows us to loosen up when we indulge with moderation and respect, while it also inspires us to be our true selves. Too many of us go about our daily lives suffocating in our own uptightness, in a constant state of worry, focused on work and not life, being nitpicky and oblivious to the wonderful people and moments that surround us. Too many people never take a break to sit down with a pint of their favorite, to look over at the person next to them and say "hello," to make a connection -- an important connection.


or you could ask to host an official "get sauced" event....need to ask "silent bob and marsha"

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