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Klamath Falls Is Were Its At

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I am a newbe to the sport, and since the word go I have been encouraged by and helped by the long timers here in klamath falls. I was told about this by a friend and started it, if I had not been encouraged and relized that its a good community of people to be around, then i would have not continued. So....encourage the newcomers, grow the sport and HAVE FUN..... :laughing:

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Well Jeffrey, now that you've been caching in the Basin for awhile and are addicted to the sport it's time you learned our dirty little secrets. With the upcoming event cache you're going to meet the cachers we keep hidden in the closet. We have an unsavory assortment of fowl cachers, unambitious cachers and the worst of the lot is one that has adopted the name of a Lane County park in Goshen, Oregon. He's the worst. Be brave and remember the odds of running into us outside of an event cache is very remote. :huh:

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Don't believe Bufford, I really am not unambitious :huh: Actually I also have to be out of town so I will be a no show for this event. Got too many things going on these days and not enough time. Man you guys are getting ahead of me. Once I get my new toy put back together and on the road I'll be out finding all your caches.


Bufford is one of our best over on this side of the hill, our old friend quad, where ever he is, is a good guy too. Infact there are really not any bad cachers in the klamath basin.

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