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Vista Trouble

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The problem is due to a bad connection for the ribbon cable that connects the main circuit board to the LCD. In some cases a temporary fix is to hit the side of the case hard enough to jar the cable inside.


Call Garmin - if it's under warranty then definitely send it back and get a repair/replacement. Even if it's out of warranty Garmin has sometimes agreed to repair units with this problem free of charge.


Last resort - some people have opened up the case, cleaned the end of the ribbon cable and reseated it in the connector. At your own risk.

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Oh Lord yes. We might as well give the condition it's own name.


It's normally due to a wire connection problem.


You could,


A: Send it back to Garmin. (If it's not too old and you don't want to fork out $125)


B: Fix it yourself, (Not recommended)


C: Whenever it happens, give it a good whack in the palm of your hand. (My preference, going on three years now)


Edit: Too slow. Peter hit it.

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