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Can .loc Download Fabricate Data


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I completed a bulk download of .loc Benchmark files last night by selecting a series by zip code designation. While driving through the area of interest this morning, I let my GPSr select the closest benchmark designation from my downloaded files. The benchmark designation was KS0788 with coordinates of N39:05.316 W121:17.850. Not having had time to spend on the hunt, I noted the occurance and later, when I returned home, attempted to print out the page for this benchmark. Searching with KS0788 produces a failure to locate. Searching with the coordinates produces the same result. So I now have a benchmark in my GPSr memory for which there appears to be no file on record on the Groundspeak site. I didn't make it up.... so can somebody explain what's happened here????? :ph34r:


UPDATE: I have found that a search using the page at URL http://www.geocaching.com/mark/ produces accurate results.

Using the page at URL http://www.geocaching.com/mark/nearest.aspx produces search failure....... :P

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