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Various software add-ons to help with Geocaching?


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Hey there folks..

Can any of the grizzled veterans offer a rundown of the various pieces of add-on software (e.g., EasyGPS, ExpertGPS, Geobuddy, etc.) and a synopsis of what each one will/won't do for us? Also, how do they complement/affect use of GPS-supplied software such as MapSource (for Garmin)?



-Dave R., Biloxi, MS

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I am what you call cheap. That's why I off my software via freeware. I also look for freeware. If it's free or I don't have to pay it's a bonus for me.


I did buy mapsource. It's good, but I expected more for my $100. I was able to find out about creating custom maps for it. I also use my own utilities for importing geocaching.com waypoints into mapsource. I've augmentmented Mapsource to my needs with my own software. Works great.


As for custom maps there is some great software out there as well. You can see what software I've found to be useful at http://www.keenpeople.com/geocaching/software.shtml.


I'm always looking for something new to augment what I have. If somone has additions I'm always adding them to my website.










Cache'n Retrievers


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Originally posted by tirediron:

Looks like I goofed with my reply.... http://opentopic.Groundspeak.com/0/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1750973553&f=3000900883&m=4770971855 icon_rolleyes.gif

The link does not work on the new forum!


On my site you can find CacheMaps. I wrote this application to connect waypoints to other applications. Thus it gives a little insight on what software is available.


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EasyGPS - Waypoints into and out of your GPS

GPSBabel - Command line utility to convert waypoint files.

National Geographic Topo - Topo software to help plan remote caches (hence the need for GPS Babel)

Geobuddy - For when I don't want to write a command line interface. (But this is manual)

GPXView - To read GPX files for your handheld. Gives cache info.

MS Streets and Trips 2003 - Maps for your handheld PDA for planning on the run (but not for the remote caches)

Mobi Pocket Reader - Great for pocket books. Not as buggy as GPXview is, not as simple to use either. (GPXview is being revised)

Mapsource products - To provide maps for the GPS.

Watcher - A clayjar program Handy for a quck overview of caches, It's original purpose is still what it's best at. Telling you the state of a cache.


That's my list. For now.


Wherever you go there you are.

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What do I use?

  • Watcher for cache planning. (Sometimes I even forget there *is* a web site, hehe.)
  • Official Geocaching Chat for questions, comments, suggestions, gloating, and all around fun.
  • GCRS (the Geocache Rating System) for getting a feel of what a cache rating is (or should perhaps be).
Of course, if you want a disclaimer... I'm the programmer who writes Watcher. I moderate the weekly official geocaching chats on Monday nights (the rest of the time it's not really moderated), and finally, I host the GCRS on my domain (since I was one of those involved in creating it). Still, that doesn't mean it's a conspiracy. icon_biggrin.gif


[[[ ClayJar Networks ]]]

Home of Watcher downloads, Official Geocaching Chat, and the Geocache Rating System

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