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Gender Recognition

Happy Bubbles

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I guess your moniker is too masculine? icon_wink.gif


Maybe draw little flowers around log entries.


Although I have seen kids say "You guys" to a group of girls, and girls calling each other "Dude".


You could come up with an Avatar... maybe an anime image?




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Originally posted by Happy Bubbles:

I recently found a cache despite some incorrect coordinates, and a couple of other people commented on that in their logs. The problem is, I'm female and they both referred to me as a guy. It bothers me a little bit. What should I do?


So what's your problem dude? icon_biggrin.gif



If trees could scream, would we still cut them down?

Well, maybe if they screamed all the time, for no reason.

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Maybe because in your profile you don't state your female? Just because you have a picture of a woman blowing bubbles does not necessarily mean YOU are the woman! People put all kinds of photos where ever and it doesn't mean much most of the time. I'm also female, but don't state it because I just never thought it made much of a difference. Also, I've noticed some derogatory remarks dealing with various things-women, gays, and other stuff including newbies to our sport. Call me whatever, but I don't feel there is a need for it, and serves no purpose but to show ignorance. This is a site for a really cool game that thousands of people enjoy and I cringe when I see off color crap, and hope new people who are interested in our site (including media) aren't turned off and disgusted by that kind of garbage. Happy Hunting!

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I too, don't think it makes any difference! If you like to go outside, get dirty, play with toys, and find stuff, what's wrong with that? I have never fit into the 'traditional' female roles (or at least the traditional roles that are perpetuated by the media, but that's another subject! icon_wink.gif ), and I love gadgets, toys, and finding Tupperware in the woods! As far as finding things despite inaccurate co-ords, I often 'think outside the box', and find caches in places where people 'swear they've looked already.' Be A Girl. Go outside. Find Caches! icon_biggrin.gif

cacherunner ( The Best Girl Cacher in Canada)


P.S. MarinerBC and I will be in Spokane next month for the Spokane Cache Machine Hope to see you out there!

Real cachers don't smell like Fleecy.

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