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The Closest Cache To....

Simply Paul

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I know this is out in the sea somewhere off the NZ coast, but I'm looking for the cache that's the closest to this point. It's for an unusual TB i'm releasing. Can anyone point me towards the cache closest to this location? Any help to simplypaulgc@aol.com would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance from the sunny UK :rolleyes:



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After sending my email to you pointing out the apparent typo in the position you've given, I realised that the reference position is probably meant to be the opposite side of the world from your home, which would mean something like S 51° 48.688' E 179° 9.685' instead!?


Based on that, and calculating distances using Gazza's online geodetic calculator it seems that the SandyMount cache is the closest (although still about 905.5km away!). You can see this cache on the south east part of the penninsula in this map.


evilC :laughing:

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Aha! I'm too slow. After finally catching up with the virtual SUPERSONIC TB, I find that it has already been released, and all my "calculations" to locate SandyMount were for zip. So I decided to move the TB to the SandyMount cache anyway, but when I tried to do that I discovered it was "locked". I guess the powers that be don't approve of the concept of a virtual TB bouncing randomly around all the caches in the world. I'm not really surprised - I think I'd have to agree with them - although it is a novel idea.... :laughing:

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