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Somebody Out There Likes Us

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Considering the grief geocaching seems to get down here in the US of A from time to time, here's a refreshing tidbit from our friends north of the border:


Vancouver parks board commissioner Heather Deal already enjoys orienteering-a map-and-compass based sport-and is happy geocaching is a growing activity in city parks.


"I'm thrilled. I've already gone to the [geocaching] web page, and found a whole bunch I'm going to look for," she says. "It's almost like having somebody else run a recreation program for us in the park at no cost to us."


That's a quote from the Vancouver Courier news article posted on the new gc.com home page.


Wouldn't it be nice if all land managers shared that attitude?

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Someone should forward that quote to that old fuddy-duddy Mr. Donelley.

Mr. Donnelly doesn't dislike geocaching.


He dislikes geocaching in designated Wilderness areas. While his method was atrocious in his article, he did have a valid point about geocaching and Wilderness not exactly meshing in theory. That does not mean that theory cannot change or that in practice the two can not share the same land.


But Vancouver Parks and Oregon Wilderness are two different beasts and Mr. Donnelly was not arguing that geocaching was not a good thing for park systems.


It would be good to have the article that this came from sent to www.geocachingpolicy.info or added to the powerpoint that is often passed around for people to use at policy meetings with park staffs.

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