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Nyc Cachers: Listen Up!

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I need a cacher in New York City to help me place a multi-cache.


Hey, I'm Brian and I'm from Los Angeles, California. I want to place a 3-step multi cache that brings you to the two biggest cities in the united states.


I'm going to place a cache container here in LA. I'll give you the coordinates of it, and you place a hide-a-key somewhere in NYC (somewhere not hard to get to, urban, but not too populated by muggles either) with the coordinates in it. Then tell me the coordinates of where you placed the hide-a-key and I'll place another hide-a-key somewhere in LA with the coordinates of the NYC hide-a-key.


So heres the overview when this is all finished:

*Cachers go to the first coordinates and fine a hide-a-key with coordinates in it that lead to New York City

*Cachers either fly to New York or meet someone on the forums who will find the NYC hide a key. Once found, the coordinates inside it will lead them back to LA

*They take the LA coordinates (provided by their newly found New York friend) and find the actual cache container


This cache is going to be called "Meet Someone New" and the only (practicle) way of finding it is by meeting someone from NYC on these forums and getting them to look for the NYC hide-a-key for you and then tell you the coordinates it has in it. Both cachers will, of course, get credit for the find.


So if you are willing to help me place the hide-a-key in NYC, please e-mail me at Grandalephruach@aol.com I will of course put your username as the co-cache owner. Thanks.



Los Angeles, California

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