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New Ignore Feature

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I don't think it helps much without a rating feature. You usually have to SEE the cache before you know it is lame. I don't want to ignore a cache I haven't found yet. I WOULD like to be able to rate a cache.. say give it 1 to 5 stars, just like on netflix.com


the cache would eventually get a cumulative rating from those who have found. Then we could all review each other's caches and work to improve them if so desired.

A rating system would be horrible! If I had one of my friend's kids hide an easy drive-by cache and cachers rate it a 1 out of five, that would make the hider feel bad. It also would discourage new cachers if their new cache hides aren't rated so high. All a rating system would be is a slap in the face to those who didn't hide caches worhty enough of some snobish cachers. ;)

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I used the ignore feature to make disappear several micros placed nearby in uninspiring locations. They are still showing on my ignore list, but they've reappeared on my nearest caches list. :ph34r:


yesterday I used the ignore feature on the temporarily disabled caches that plague my closest cache list, and it worked to clear them off......now today they are showing again

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Because your watching a cache does not mean it is good cache and just because you are ignoring a cache don't mean it is a lame cahce. There are plenty of reasons to watch a lame cache and plenty of reasons to ignore a good cache.


Hopefully we have all learned from the forums that what one person thinks in a lame cache someone else thinks is a great cache. A straight rating system just wouldn't work.


If you really want to know which are the great/fun/unique caches and which are the caches to avoid in your area. The best why is to go to an event cache and talk about caches! If there aren't any even caches near you, start your own.

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