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I like reading about geocaching outside of these forums as well as right here...different perspectives and all. I think that the way geocaching is viewed/reviewed by the non-geocaching world is important, whether or not I agree with the articles or opinions I read.


It seems as though geocaching is getting lots of notice as the numbers continue to grow, and that we may be reaching a turning point of some sort for the pursuit. Rather than bemoan the bad press that continues to plague the sport, maybe it is time for local organizations to start submitting editorials and/or working with news sources to push the wonderful things about geocaching to the world at large, and the land managers who haven't made up their minds yet.


I use Google News with keywords geocache and geocaching, but was wondering what other folks are using to find out what is being said in print about geocaching.



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since i quit reading the newspaper, i've been healthier.


a prominent self-help person (and you can take the term with a grain of salt if you lke, but i think it's a valid point nonetheless) says that your nervous system isn't designed to take the orchestrated bad news of the entire world every day.


i'm inclined to agree.

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