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Morse Code Test

Trav'lin Two
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Can anyone tell me how the test is formatted? Is it full of abbreviations like "gd" for good, and "tnx" for thanks or is in real words? My little pointed head gets all messed up with stuff like that. I know I shouldn't worry about it and just write down the letters I hear but it does go against the grain when something doesn't make sense.

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It uses real words and "standard" CW shorthand. Practice tests are available that will give you an approximation of what you will run into on the test. You can just about be positive there will be something about where the guy lives, his rig, his antenna, his name...usually something about the weather, and of course, there will be the call signs of the two stations involved. Good luck on the test...it's really not all that bad... I sweated over my first code test a lot more than it deserved. :laughing:

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AA9PW is what I am using, have used that for the written exams. I know the letters and can send ok but just have trouble with getting them on paper.


Not sure about the FCC but in Canada you can use a laptop to type in the decoded CW. A gather the blind guys/gals do it this way. Most of the blind people I've met can't write anyway - although they can type like maniacs.



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