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Discuss The Design Of The 2005 Washington Geocoin


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I was at the WSGA meeting also. (Quiet newbie in the back) The GSAK presentation was great. (Registered my GSAK today and am playing with it.) Looking forward to the WA Geocoin. Sign me up for 20 and let me know where,when, how. (Don't care how much.)

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Let's try to get the design finalized and ready for submission by the end of March.

I thought this was the general timetable, so there was not necessarily a big rush to get something done last week. :lol:

No big rush, but I think we may have had some minor misunderstandings. I assumed that a design would be posted and we would comment on it to hammer out any details. Also, I was concerned when I didn't hear back that you had received my email. I now assume from your post that you got it, though. No problems! :o

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The "final" design has been submitted:





Well o.k. - after all, you asked...


Looks fine, the elements most all wanted 'n all, but... comparing this rendition to the 2004 sitting here on my desk - just seems that this one looks "flat", not nearly as dimensional as the 2004 coin. And I think that's 'cuz the 2004 has more variety of color in it (vs. this one, with but 2 colors, blue sky, and single green rim).


The 2004 has those nifty evergreen trees (in 2 shades of green) in the foreground, along with a darker blue (than the sky blue) stream in the background - all of which adds significantly to both the depth and the overall "full color" effect of the coin. And indeed, with the added shades of color adding to the depth perception, the rim of the 2004 is plain pewter, and imho is a nice contrast to the central colored area.


Just seems to me that this design is far less detailed and looks "unfinished". And as I don't believe adding a couple more colors adds to the cost (leastwise the same number of colors - 4+ black - as 2004), then why not add some color/elements to give the whole more 3-dimension and overall color?


Now I know we don't want the same design as last year, but guess I'd suggest adding some detail somehow, more elements, additional colors...


I mean, perhaps at least make the hillside brown or dark green, and/or...


Perhaps not such a close-up of (only) the mountian, allowing for some mid-ground between the mt. and the hill/hiker. Then you could add...


Why not some evergreens? I mean they needn't be the precisely the same as last years, but we are the evergreen state, and they'd surely add some depth perception.


And/or... with the midground - why not... perhaps a bitty lake at the base of the mt. (i.e. like the stream from last year)?


Surely don't mean to open up the whole design process again, but guess all I'm saying is the present rendition looks mighty unfinished. And more colors and especially - more depth perception (via a foreground, midground and background) would significantly improve the design.


Like I said - hey, you ASKED! :anibad:


(edited to add: if/when we decide on added elements/colors, I'd be happy to whittle a new digital image for review...)

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Just seems to me that this design is far less detailed and looks "unfinished".


Surely don't mean to open up the whole design process again, but guess all I'm saying is the present rendition looks mighty unfinished.  And more colors and especially - more depth perception (via a foreground, midground and background) would significantly improve the design.


I really like the hiker and the wording on the mountain, makes it look as if you're almost at Johnston Ridge. It's a really great design concept.


Folks who see the 04 coin uniformly comment on the depth of the image and use of color, and always mention how refined the coins look, people really love'em for that reason and they seem to have wound up being one of the most highly desirable to the growing collector community.


Anyway, for what it's worth I think the basic elements are excellent, but perhaps this year's isn't quite as slick as last year's (yet).


If we're still taking comments, I have to agree with the comments about depth and coloration, the mountain always looks coolest (to me personally) when you get that snowcap over the grey ash with a sharp snowline. The steam/ash cloud to me looks like it needs a little more refinement, something more billowy like the pictures from the last pop a couple years ago, maybe with a less 'inverted triangle' shape.


Of course it's easy to comment when you're artistically inept like I am. Sure gonna buy a bunch again even as-is, and most definitely appreciate all the creative energy and hard work that goes into making them and distributing them. Way cool and much appreciated !!!

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I'm not sure evergreens would fit the the mountain we have this year. But how about a brown snag? That's what you see around there these days (if you really need some growth, maybe a small bush, but that's really too much IMO).


I agree the steam cloud could use a little change, maybe a little less symmetrical?


Adding white to the mountain would detract from the words.


All in all, I'd take it as is.

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We need your help:


In order to create a realistic-looking coin, we ideally will want to supply the coin maker with a good picture of Mt. St. Helens taken from the same angle as that seen in the coin design and showing excellent detail of the crater and dome. If you can find examples of this, please post them or links to them here.



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You may have already seen these, heck they may be in this thread, I didn't check back, but...



Maybe not detailed enough



Again, maybe not enough detail but I thought it was pretty.



Nice detail, but those little words in the corner could be a problem.


I'll go for 5 or 10 once they're minted. Maybe I can bring y'all's caches some West TN coins next time I visit my mother-in-law in Auburn.

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Is the ash heading west? I thought the ash always headed east? :( Never mind. The coin looks great. Looking forward to ordering mine.

That's the way east looks from our point of view of Mt. St. Helens. :D (though you are correct the view of the mountain is from the North)


It doesn't always go east but during the 1980 and 2005 eruptions luckily (for us) it did.


Love the design. Nice job again, Navdog.

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Really like what you are doing for the coin. We live in the SF Bay area now, but I grew up fishing camping around the mountian. When up there this last fall, still could not get the image out of my mind as to what it used to look like.

I would love to get a few of the coins when available as they represent a big piece of the Northwest


Mystery Ink



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Our only time concern was having the coins ready to go for summer.  I'm fine waiting, but from some of the posts I was thinking that people were getting antsy.



Well summer is fast approaching...and I'm getting antsy.


What's happening with this?


Edit for bad spelling...

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