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Cache Detector? Csi Ny Ipaq Gadget

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Did anyone else see “csi new York” on c5 last night. They had some kind of spectrum analyser which looked like a radar gun with a ipaq attached. I did not hear an explanation of what they said it was, as I was channel hopping. This gadget could supposedly detect trace elements, like a lead bullet in at rat at 50 paces. Is this the ultimate cahce detector (if so, where can I get one from?) or total fiction.


:lostsignal: I want one! :rolleyes:

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Sounds like the mass spectrometers that are used in fiction that can work out the make up of a piece of grit.  It is complete fiction!

Actually a Mass Spectrometer is not fiction. :lostsignal:


These devices are widely used by forensic scientists to examine the make up of all kinds of stuff so they can match it with evidence from crime scenes and therefore prove their case. :D


I don't think they have gotten quite samll enough to attach to an iPaq but there are Man Portable units available. :D

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Yes I agree a remote GC-MS is currently pure fiction (although there is a FTIR system which could be used for just that purpose but the portable units of these devices are not that portable just yet). There is some information here which suggests it could be one of a few gadgets but I think it has something to do with the Micro-IR system described in the link. :lostsignal:


Interestingly, NASA have created a miniture GC-MS (it measures only 4" high).

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I think what I was trying to get through me (and failing admirably) was that it isn't yet possible to plop a lump of stone into a mass spec and it immediately come up with the reading that it is 10% iron ore, 45% clay, 15% kryptonite and 30% 'unknown'.


Or drop in a salt beef sandwhich and it report that is is 30% ground wheatgerm, 4% homogonised animal fat, 5% sodium, 2% yeast, 2% chicken's ovum, 4% olive oil, 1% garlic and 52% cow!


Oh dear - I don't think that helped did it? :lostsignal::D


By the way how do they work out the nutrition information on a pack of sandwiches?

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By the way how do they work out the nutrition information on a pack of sandwiches?

The same way most official organisations get their data, they GUESS and hope nobody finds out :lostsignal::D:D


If anybody actually does find out the information is wrong tho, god help them. Anybody remember a guy called Dr. David Kelly?


Never contradict the official data even when you know it's a load of poo :D:D


Slight edit in the last line :D - Lactodorum

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After a little more googling (If you think hunting lunch boxes is odd, there are forums out there where people argue over the fictional relationships portrayed in TV programmes) it seems that the gadget (Think of a timing strobe with an ipaq mounted on the back) was supposedly “a laser spectrum analyser”. Now I know lasers are used to check chimney stack emissions, but it would seem artistic licence was at work again. This is the programme that does D.N.A. analysis in less than twenty minutes and also uses copious amounts of superglue and never gets stuck to anything. :lol:

Well I will just have to keep the old nerderling stick for cache detection. After all it doesn’t need batteries, works in the wet and if you break it, you can just pick up another.

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