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Recommendations For Joburg

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If you want a challenge try the Reporters Riddle Series :laughing:


Confidence Reef, Klipriviersberg, Johannesburg South, Walk with Cheetah will give you good walks in nature reserves close to JHB.


JHB's Best view seems to be missing.


You'll also find some excellent caches in the Pretoria and Magaliesberg areas. These are a mixture of caches in Urban environments as well as mountains and reserves.


A bit further afield I can recommend "Place of Salt" which is a reserve and meteor crater, and well worth the trip.


See the caches listed under Gauteng Province on GlobalRat.com for a list of aches in the JHB/Pta surrounds.


Perhaps we'll meet up this time around :laughing:


I'll email you my list of recommendaions at the end of the week.

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If you intend doing sight seeing around Johannesburg and Pretoria, maybe a few other recommendations are:


Smutshouse, Irene near Pretoria


Money Train at the Goldreef City Themepark and casino. This is only a micro cache, but can be visited, if you are visiting the theme park.


Cullinan's big hole at the small own of Cullinan north of Pretoria.


North West's Best View near Hartebeespoort Dam is also worth a visit, if you are visiting the "Dam" area.

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