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Ncce In Seattle


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ONLY 5 DAYS until the first pitch.


Wed 3/16 8 - 5 GO West, WeightMan, Team Misguided

Thu 3/17 8 - 5 geoducky(9-3), GO West, WeightMan, Team Misguided

Fri 3/18 8 -3 geoducky(9-3), GO West, MarcusArelius, Team Misguided


Updated...can anyone else help?


Are these times correct for everyone?


Go West is putting together a nice spreadsheet schedule.


All volunteers get a geocaching goodie, and free admission into the Tech Vendor area plus a free geocaching NCCE Cache to place after the conference.

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Wed 3/16  8 - 5  GO West, WeightMan, GEM's

Thu 3/17 geoducky(9 - 3),  8 - 5 GO West, WeightMan

Fri 3/18  geoducky(9 - 3),  8 - 3 GO West, MarcusArelius, Team Misguided


Updated Schedule.


We have room for more coaches.


Did I metion Free Stuff?

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Only one more day!


We'll meet at the convention center @ 8 am each morning.


We'll be at the main exhibition floor on the upper level.


We'll set the course, set up our booth, load the GPS units with coordinates.


Ask for the NCCE Geocaching Booth.


We have a grand prize of a Garmin GPS 60 to give away on Friday.


Travel bugs


Geocaching books


No DVD's


Stuffed frogs


Antenna Balls


Licence plater holders


T- shirts...PluS More!


It should be a blast with 4000 teachers expected to attend!


Stop by and say hi or better yet stop by and teach someone how to use a GPS

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Dress as you normally would...You'll get a Geocaching t-shirt from Groundspeak and an NCCE baseball cap as our official uniform...and you get to keep them!


We'll miss the misguided team and we could really use some more help...




DiD I mention Free Stuff?

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I still will be there Friday.


I plan to bring some show & tell stuff along. PDA w/ wireless seems appropriate for the conference. Laptop, Garmin cable for downloads, cache container, geocoin, personal GPS. Don't currently have a travel bug tough.


I am also bringing 2 FRS radios, I think those will be useful when we need to inspect the course.

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Wed 3/16 8 - 5 GEM's, GO West, WeightMan, Orbiter Dicta


Thu 3/17 8 - 5 geoducky(9-3), GO West, WeightMan, Orbiter Dicta


Fri 3/18 8 -3 geoducky(9-3), Allanon, GO West, MarcusArelius, Orbiter Dicta


TotemLake will try


Hmmm Batteries...we may need some. Yikes only 8 more hours.

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I was there both of the first two days and had a blast. I met lots of cachers who were attending the conference as well as helping out people who had never seen a GPSr before and they went out and found most of the one they hunted. I'm sure we came up with several converts over the two days and there should be even more tomorrow. I did have to learn to use a Maggie, but hey its not all peaches and cream.

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What a fun morning. I got there a little early and was put straight to work by GEMs... :wacko:


I put on my uniform, learned the ropes about the process and spent the next four hours 'splaining the workings of caching to some very attentive students...I mean teachers. :lol:


With very few exceptions, everyone seemed to have a good time and as Weightman said, I'm sure we have a few new cachers from the group.


It was great to meet GEMs, GeoDucky, GO West and talk again to Marcus (even if he can't remember either my caching or real names :unsure: )...and thank you for all the great 'parting gifts'. I had a great time. Hopefully I can volunteer again if something similar occurs in the future.

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Now who was that guy that got there just before me... :lol:


It was great to finally meet GEMS, GoWest and GeoDucky, and that other guy. :unsure:


We did get there a little early to relax and get the feel of the place but we had to get right down to business instead. I felt bad for the first lady I "helped". It had been a while since I used a Yellow.


But everyone seemed to have fun. I know that I did. Teachers do make good students too! Most grasped the concepts pretty fast.


A very well put together event. Props to GEMS. And thanks for the freebies!


I wish that I could have stayed after 3PM for the drawing.

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Just a quick note to say "it was fun!" My sister got me all signed-up to spend the day with her, of course she bailed something about a "new job" ,yeah sure!


But I had fun afterall and now I have some serious swag from the conference, a shirt, hat and a new TB to release.





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Great day and Fantastic event!


Best part was wandering around the course, giving tips where needed and generally watching folks get initiated to caching. Funny to watch a group of three or four, all walking with eyes fixed on their gps'ers, then - oops! - the signal shifts and they all turn 38 degrees in unison.


Congratulations to GEM's for orchestrating such a successful program. Nice meeting and working with geoducky, WeightMan, Allanon, MarcusArelius, and all.


I left GEM's with most of the clean-up, though I did clear the course. So now I'm sitting here in my den with 8 slightly used cache boxes.


What to do with them?

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A great big THANK YOU to GEMS, GO West, willcall, WeightMan, Team Misguided, geoducky, and MarcusArelius for making the NCCE Geocaching event such a success. So many people came up to me and told me it was so much fun and a great addition to our conference. And . . . we'd love to see it happen again next year! What a team! :blink:

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Caches Hidden: 8

Caches Muggled: 0 *

Total Finds: 200 +

GPSr Used: 70

Biggest Contributor of GPSr: 25 (Playtime)

Introduced to Geocaching: 1000’s

Geocacher Volunteers: 12

Winners of Garmin GPS 60: 1 **


Cachers that contributed to the success of the event:


GO West








Herr Fritz


Plus many others that stopped by


* As I was checking the course one evening a homeless person was walking away with my last cache. I called out to him, “Excuse me sir, I was just coming to get that. You’re not in trouble, could you just sit that down and I’ll pick it up?” The man dropped it on the ground and ran away. :blink:


** The winner of our drawing from GIJoes (Fed Way) was a geocacher at the conference. She is a teacher who gave a presentation at the conference on geocaching in the classroom. I forgot her name.


Thanks to everyone…It was a HUGE success.


We had lots of people ask if they could buy the geocaching stuff. Groundspeak may want to sell items at next year’s conference in Portland. (February 8-11)

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