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Brutal Hikes In Southern Ontario


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I'm not sure of specific caches, but stick to the Niagara Escarpment area and you should be into some good climbs. Remember, the Escarpment goes from Niagara, through Hamilton, up to Milton and northward to Tobermory.


I'm sure you'll find some great climbs, particulary if you stay off the beaten paths and go cross country.


Best of luck to you.



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I haven't done it yet (but I can't wait to) but I hear Algonquin Bound's series "Bruce Almighty" is a good hike.


Get someone to drop your car at one end and then drop you at the other.


Or you could do Flick's entire Zodiac Series in one day. You could really get your fill of cache finds doing that one, not only do you get his 13 but you pass several more.


I'd be happy to make up a Niagara - Bruce Trail list for you.


:lostsignal: The Blue Quasar


Edit - When I say One Day... that might be overdoing it, let's say two full days including searching.

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My Silver Peak cache in Killarney PP is a good challenge...either take the 20km trail to the cache or canoe to the closest point and it's still a 2 hour hike from there, with the last 1-1.5km of trail being fairly steep...I know it tired me out, but it was worth it to get to the top, which is the 3rd highest peak in Ontario and has awesome views.

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I took a crack at Stamina this weekend. Didn't find the final but it was just the kind of workout I was looking for. I'll go back again and finish it off after I get confirmation that the clue is in place. Thanks for the suggestion. I have a pretty good idea where the final is but won't cheat.




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