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Benchmarks In Canada

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Thanks Loads!! I found 2 benchmarks easily accessible within 3/4 of a mile from my house.


This is the info I was looking for. It will be a welcome addition to geocaching, and allow me to verify my GPS units to get an idea of the accuracy of the units.


Lorax98 :unsure:




Take a look at the thread above this message.

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Here in Alberta there is a virtual cache that is based around Alberta survey marker "brass caps". In this case the location is moved around the province so can be logged by people all over the province. And not that it really matters greatly , these do go towards your find count. Definately one of my favorite caches!



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>verify my GPS units to get an idea of the accuracy of the units.


Be aware that the US data base, (and Canadian data is probably similar) has two classes of markers. Those intended for elevation may have their position only approximately recorded (SCALED on NGS sheets) and you should not infer anything about horizontal accuracy from those.


Those intended for horizontal position work (ADJUSTED on NGS sheets) will be far more accurate than your handheld unit and a good test of its operation. A few marks are measured for both categories.

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