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King Henry Viii Cache Night


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I have a cache that has yet to be approved for an event cache in Niagara On the Lake on March 5th. If anyone has ever attended the King Henry VIII dinner theatre I think you will agree that a great night will be had by all. Dinner is served in a Medieval Banquet setting, which means dont expect any cutlery and the serving wenches will wait upon you. During dinner you will be entertained by members of the Kings court. The dinner starts at 8pm sharp and lasts 2-1/2hrs. Cost for the dinner is $55 per person + Taxes and gratuity. You can view the webpage of the King Henry VIII feast at King Henry VIII feast night


Following the dinner, there will be some night caching in NOTL. There will be one new multi cache placed for the event highlighting the town of NOTL. If anyone else wishes to place a cache in time for the event please feel free to do so.


This is a great oppurtunity to break bread with other cachers and share a few laughs and bad caching stories.


If your interested in attending please sign up right away as I will have to let the restaurant know how many will be attending.


Happy Caching! :unsure:



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Mingos? Mingos? Sign me up... but I can't find the town of NOTL on any of my maps... is that like Neverland? Ankh-Morkpork? Anyway, put Wench Annie's name on the list. Just want to watch them pick on TT the same way they picked on you Logger! Heheheheh


Edit: Added Quote:

There's a saying that all roads lead to Ankh-Morpork. And it's wrong. All roads lead away from Ankh-Morpork, but sometimes people just walk along them the wrong way."

— Terry Pratchett

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Just let everyone know the King Henry VIII feast night has been approved. The page can be found here: King Henrys Cache If your interested in either attending the the night cache and/or the King Henry VIII Feast night please sign up so I can make the reservations. For those who are still lookinig for a great and memorable valentines day gift (hint hint) Look no further....


The dinner will start at 8pm, following the dinner all night cachers will meet at the Angel Inn where the cache information will be distributed. (We tried to set the meeting up at a Tim Hortons but apparently they are banned in the Kingdom of NOTL. (Might explain the low cache density in the area.)


Annie has agreed to be our geo-wench for the evening, so for this one night you can address her as "wench" without getting a karate chop to your abdomen. <G>


Hope to see you all there!



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Everything is set for the King Henry night. The libations are chilling, the pig has been selected, and tables have been set (Not really a hard task since there is no cutlery) The only thing we are missing is the court jester, and since Flick is coming along maybe we can talk him into doing double duty <G> All the reservations have been set but if anyone would still like to come along we have room for a few more.


The night cache is almost completed. I will be a themed multi-cache highlighting some of the hotspots of Niagara On the Lake at night. The theme will be revealed at the gathering prior to the start of the night at the Angel Inn around 11pm.



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