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Tbs At Virtual Caches


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How do I explain this one to Mrs RTB?


Finding tupperware boxes in the country - she was a bit sceptical at first but we've had some good walks, the junior RTB's enjoy it and she is surprisingly good at discovering the treasure.


TB's the jury is still out but at least Rufty Tufty Bear has made it out of the country (my sisters baby may be "of age" before it gets to NZ though.


Virtual TB's Mrs RTB is never going to understand that (not sure I do!!)!

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"Spooky" may claim to be the first virtual travel bug, but I'm not so sure. I seem to remember a virtual TB being placed in one of my caches months or more ago. I think it was on a virtual world tour, and being logged in and out of caches by its owners.


Edit: I've just noticed that SP effectively says the same, that there are other virtual TBs about.

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Walking without due care and attention, I believe. It's illegal in the USA - Jay-Walking. I hope I've got that right.






Ambling in the street; walking in and out of the traffic; crossing the road at an acute angle to the pavement etc., etc.


It is illegal in several countries including USA, Singapore and Germany where you can be fined on the spot if caught by an officious policeman!

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Many thanks - but I never thought of you like that!


OK... that begs the question, "how DO you think of me?" :P:P


Maybe you'd better not answer that in a public forum!!! :ph34r::P:(



My husband and I used to live in Germany (his initial is also a J) and we often saw a sign which said "Jay walkers will be prosecuted".


One of us would turn to the other and say "OK... so what did you do this time?!" :P:D

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OK... that begs the question, "how DO you think of me?" :P:ph34r:


Maybe you'd better not answer that in a public forum!!! :P:P:(

Maybe you're right!

Sorry I had forgotten your surname and all is now as clear as it may be at this time of evening.

Good luck with mopping up the soft southern caches like you did in a proper county - well next to Lancashire that is! Oh dear, will that start a flame war! :P

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